Are Guy People Right In Their Claim To The Marriage Throne? elaborates the underlying factors that solidify a marriage and dictate its legitimacy.
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April 23, 2009 - PRLog -- Life is the form of existence that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic substances and dead organisms characterized by metabolism ,growth ,reproduction and irritability. Each individual is created from the fusion of a female sexual cell(ovule 224)  that contains 22 single autosomal chromosomes and only one sexual chromosome X , and a male sexual cell (the sperm 224)  that contains 22 single autosomal chromosomes  and a male X and Y sexual chromosomes. If the sperm that has an X chromosome fecundates an ovule ,a female will be born , if the sperm contains a Y chromosome ,the person will be a male. The DNA , is the genetic material found inside all cells .It ' guides' the harmonious development of an organism and is divided into 46 ' pieces'  called chromosomes. In each cell,these chromosomes are organized into pairs : in both sexes there are 22 pairs
( autosomal chromosomes ) .The last two chromosomes can be similar or different and their combination is different  between a male and a female : they are sexual chromosomes ,and a X and a Y characterizes them.
All the female cells have 2X chromosomes , while all of the male cells have an X and Y chromosomes. This difference produces a cascading of all other differences between male and female and it is connected to the reproductive process.
What is Marriage?
Marriage is a union. Unionism is the principle of combining for unity of purpose and action. It is  of extreme importance to understant fully that which is principle.
A principle is : n.1 A fundamental truth  or law basic to other truths.4.That which is inherent in anything , determining its nature .5.A primary source or fundamental cause .6 An established mode of action or operation in natural phenomena .
Carl Jung said Anima or Animus is the subconscious  or true self of an individual as opposed to the persona or outer aspect of  personality . In the subconscious of the male it finds expression as a feminine inner personality : Anima ,equivalently in the subconscious of the female it finds expression as a masculine inner personality : Animus.
What is Anima ? Anima is : n. The vital principle (soul) and Animus = n. The animating thought or PURPOSE; intention. Soul is : the rational emotional and volitional faculties in man conceived as an entity distinct from the body.  And animating is that which incites ,excites you. Mind is what makes the connection between your subconscious and conscious existence ,   for mind is : n.1. The aggregate of processes originating in or associated with the brain , involving conscious and subconscious thought , interpretation of perception , insight ,imagination,etc..... Conscious is : 1. That part of of mental life of which an idividual is aware of one's existence or of external objects and conditions.  5. Deliberate; intentional.
Cerebrum is the upper anterior part of the brain ,consisting of two hemisherical masses enclosed within the cortex and constituting the seaat of the conscious process. Will is the power of conscious.....
Intercourse is : n. Mutual exchange; commerce. 2.The interchange of ideas. 3.Sexual connection ;coitus  Magnetism is one of the phenomena by which materials exert attractive or repulsive forces on other matterials and Electricity is : 1. A fundamental property of matter ,associated with atomic particles whose movements develop fields of force and generate kinetic or potential energy.  2. A current or charge so generated . 4. The property of many substances to attract or repel each other when subjected to friction. 5. A state of great excitment or tension.
What makes a marriage legitimate? Genetics , because genetics is : The science that deals with the interaction of the genes in creating similarities and differences among individuals.  
What is the key to marriage?  Synchronization -

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The informational sources that contributed www. project are Funk&Wagnalls Standard Desk Dictionary. The Editorial Board for Dictionaries consists of : Albert H Marckwardt,Chairman ,Professor of English and Linguistics ,Princeton University ; Frederic G. Cassidy ,Professor of English , University of Wsconsin ; S . I. Hayakawa , Professor of English , San Francisco State College ; and James B. .Each of this scholars has contributed an essay in his field of special competence to the Guide of this Dictionary . In addition , many others authorities in a variety of fields have given the benefit of their specialized knowledge and advice in formulating the definitions.
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