Offers Creative Ways To Sell Your Home FAST in Hattiesburg Mississippi

There are lots of reasons a Hattiesburg homeowner needs to sell their home fast. Behind on payments, foreclosure, 2 mortgage payments... No matter the situation, if you want to sell your house in Hattiesburg fast, keep reading.
April 14, 2009 - PRLog -- There are a multitude of reasons a Hattiesburg homeowner needs to sell their home fast. Behind on payments, a looming foreclosure, divorce, down sizing, a recent death, two mortgage payments, house needs repairs, house is listed with a Realtor and won't sell -- these are all problems homeowners are facing in today's competitive selling market.  And with the current state of the economy it's even more difficult to sell your house here in Hattiesburg Mississippi. Many home sellers are asking themselves, "How can I sell my home in Hattiesburg, MS". No matter the situation, if you want to sell your house in Hattiesburg fast, keep reading.

While Mississippi is more insulated from the current recession than the rest of the country, the Hattiesburg housing market, like most in the country, has slowed considerably and economic data show it is probably going to get worse before it gets better.  Mississippi foreclosures are at an all time high.  It's becoming more and more of a challenge to get rid of burdensome homes.  And if you can find a buyer, it's more difficult for them to find financing because of the credit and mortgage disaster.  Where houses were selling in days or weeks, they are now sitting on the market for months and months and months.  Many are not receiving any offers at all.

So what do you do?  You're still wondering "How do I sell my house fast?"

You get creative!  If you do the same thing everyone else is doing, then you'll probably get the same results -- NOTHING.

Here are three creative solutions that can help you sell your home fast in the Hattiesburg Mississippi area.

1. Sell with seller financing

Essentially you become the bank and take payments for your equity over time. Instead of the buyer getting a loan, which has become nearly impossible these days because of tightening lending standards, you're the lender. The buyer makes payments to you, with interest. This is often hard for sellers to wrap their minds around, but in today's market, you MUST think outside the box in order to sell your house. Think about those who may have money, but a traditional lender won't approve them. You're their savior and they're yours. So what's the catch? Well if the buyer stops making the payments you could get the house back. But what options do you have at this point? Simply screen correctly and you'll be fine. You'll be fully protected by a hard asset (a house), not just a non-performing piece of paper. The lenders who went under can tell you all about non-performing loans that didn't have adequate security. In case you've been under a rock, they're no longer around.  
2. Lease the house

A second solution is to lease instead of selling your home, and wait for the market to turn, or offer it to your prospective tenants as a lease with an option to buy sometime in the future when they are able.  Because of the tough housing market right now, the pool of quality renters is expanding because of the tightened lending standards.  Those  who were once homeowners now have to rent, which could be an opportunity for you.  And if the rent doesn't cover the mortgage payments?  You'll have to weigh the loss against sitting on the house for a long period of time.  Leasing or leasing with an option to purchase can be a difficult decision.
3. Seek out a professional investor

A third option is to locate a professional investor who specializes in solving creative real estate problems.  These are usually honest real estate investors who have been buying houses for a number of years and are able to navigate their way this turbulent and chaotic market because of their skill and experience incoming up with out-of-the-box solutions for buying houses in difficult situations.  Often these are the We Buy Houses, I Buy Houses, We Buy Ugly Houses folks.  They can pay all cash, pay some cash with terms, take over payments, lease-purchase your home, or come up with a custom solution that fits your unique selling situation.  They usually buy the house as-is with no contingencies or repairs and they even handle all the paperwork.  And they don't charge any fees or commissions. For a professional investor in the Hattiesburg area see

Of all these solutions, if you don't want to deal with all the hassles, the investor will.  Investors are professionals and usually have a financial interest to make sure everything is handled, otherwise they won't make any money - now or in the future.

Whether you decide to try to give it a go on your own or seek the help of a professional investor, DO SOMETHING!  Your piece of mind is at stake.  If you're sick and tired of waiting for your house to sell in the Hattiesburg area, maybe examining some other options is a good idea.

If working with a professional 'We Buy Houses' investor makes sense to you, visit and fill out our confidential questionnaire and tell us about your home and situation and one of our Hattiesburg investors will contact you about buying your house. There's no obligation. If we can find a solution that works for you, you'll have a smooth transaction, a fast close, and relief from your current stress. We work in Hattiesburg, Oak Grove, Purvis, Petal, Sumrall and throughout Mississippi and the Pinebelt.

# # # buys houses in Hattiesburg, Petal, Oak Grove, Purvis and throughout the Mississippi Pinebelt in Lamar and Forrest Counties and can often do so in 7 days or less. We can pay all cash, take over your mortgage payments or come up with a custom solution to suit your needs. We are also specialists in working with home owners in foreclosure. We can help you SAVE YOUR HOME from foreclosure or we can buy it even if there's no equity. For more information on how we can buy your house fast or help you avoid foreclosure, please visit our website at or call 601-544-9400.
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