ORA Dental Studio Introduces CMU3 Ozone Therapy System for Treatment of Tooth Decay

Revolutionary Technology Aims To Replace Dental Drills For Eliminating Cavities
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April 13, 2009 - PRLog -- Chicago, Illinois – ORA Dental Studio became the first group practice in Chicago to implement the CMU3 Ozone Therapy System, a revolutionary alternative to traditional, more invasive treatment of tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease. Ozone therapy with the CMU3 unit is a simple, quick, non-invasive, and completely pain-free procedure that eliminates the need for injections and drilling into healthy, sensitive tooth structure.

“Ozone therapy represents a major paradigm shift in the way we treat dental decay and periodontal disease,” says Dr. Mladen Kralj, lead developer of ORA Dental Studio concept. “This is the future – it is by far the most promising therapeutic dental technology currently on the market. Ozone therapy has been in use in Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan and several other countries since 2001 and there is reliable, comprehensive, evidence-based research that supports this remarkable treatment modality.”
Up until ozone therapy was introduced to dentistry, the only way to eradicate decay causing bacteria from teeth was by removing the infected tooth structure with drills, air abrasion, or lasers. Now, in the early stages of tooth decay, the CMU3 Ozone device can be utilized without any anesthetic, removal of tooth structure, or discomfort.

“Cavities develop as the environment below the enamel surface of the tooth becomes acidic. Ozone not only eradicates the acid-making bacteria, it also neutralizes their acidic waste,” says Dr. Goran Kralj, managing partner at ORA. “The new environment that occurs following the bio-chemical change in the lesion allows minerals to flow back into the tooth, hardening and reversing the effects of decay.”

This revolutionary therapy eliminates bacteria with a burst of Ozone, an allotrope of oxygen, made by the CMU3 dental system. The CMU3 consists of an Ozone generator and a hand piece fitted with a unique application tip, which is connected to the CMU3 unit by a delivery and scavenger hose. In just 60 seconds, Ozone gas is applied directly to the infected tooth to eliminate bacteria and cavity-causing agents.

Elimination of bacteria, fungi, and viruses with Ozone has been safely used for decades in water purification plants and systems, the food and beverage industry, and in hospitals. “The medical profession has been using ozone for some time now to sterilize operating rooms, treat a variety of diseases, and to accelerate wound-healing,” says oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Steven Koos. “Trioxygen, otherwise known as Ozone, is one of the most powerful and effective agents that we can use on microorganisms. It is deadly to bacteria, viruses, and fungi and it is only natural that its use in the dental profession has followed suit.”
In addition to treating tooth decay and early stage periodontal disease, the CMU3 unit can be used in treating canker sores, herpetic lesions, abscesses, and other forms of oral disease and wounds. Controlled Ozone application has been found to be extremely safe and completely free from side effects — far freer than most medications, including antibiotics.

For more information on the CMU3 Ozone Therapy System visit www.limetechnologies.net.

About Ozone

Ozone (chemical symbol O3) is a naturally occurring gas compound that is present in the air all around us and forms a high-altitude barrier that protects us from harmful sunlight. Ozone is nature's strongest sanitizer and air purifier. Oxygen molecules (O2) are converted to ozone (O3) by either a high-voltage electrical charge (such as from lightning), or by ultraviolet light (such as from the sun rays) that splits the oxygen molecules into individual single oxygen molecules (O1), which then recombine to form the ozone molecule (O3). Ozone is also produced on the microscopic level in human white blood cells as part of the body’s defense mechanism against harmful microorganisms.
As the second most powerful oxidant in existence known to man, this single radical atom "oxidizes" the contaminants it reacts with. This means it destroys the contaminants, by changing its physical properties (molecular structure), in most cases, to carbon dioxide and hydrogen. As a result, the contaminant is no longer toxic or able to reproduce itself if it is bacterial, fungal or viral in nature; the particle becomes completely harmless. Any residual Ozone reverts back to pure oxygen, making it environmentally friendly and a form of sustainable medicine.

Ozone treatment is non carcinogenic. To date, not a single patient has been harmed with the use of ozone in health care.  In the US, the FDA and EPA certify ozone as able to safely destroy 99.9992% of all pathogenic germs in the purification of water while destroying 99.9992% of pollutants in the water simultaneously.

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ORA Dental Studio is the nation’s first ‘green’ group dental practice promoting ‘eco-friendly dentistry' offering comprehensive services such as teeth whitening, Invisalign clear braces, porcelain veneers, and dental implants.

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