Enterprise Feedback Management to Actionable Customer Insight: Maturity Models & Best Practices

Hypatia LLC's next research study will benchmark the current state of the market, & identify best practices & performance metrics used by successful companies to improve performance and/or profitability via EFM and Customer Insight initiatives.
April 13, 2009 - PRLog -- Transforming Enterprise Feedback Management into Actionable Customer Insight: Maturity Models & Best Practices

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How successful are organizations in systematically capturing, managing, analyzing and applying customer intelligence throughout the enterprise? What tangible benefits are realized by those who invest in customer knowledge? Our research will benchmark the current state of the market, future plans for selection and investment in technologies or service providers. Moreover, we will assess the processes, organizational expertise and key performance indicators that set top performers apart such as:

•   Which team or role is responsible for analyzing and sharing this insight throughout your organization?
•   How effective are various technologies or processes such as: Customer Experience, Enterprise Feedback, Business Intelligence, Marketing Automation, Customer Relationship Management, Web Analytics, Speech Analytics or Customer Satisfaction in facilitating creation of actionable customer insight?
•   Why do some organizations utilize market research service providers or agencies for customer insight while others prefer to operationalize this process internally?
•   Is free text [blogs, call center notes, phone interviews] integrated and analyzed along with structured information such as purchase price, survey responses, and demographic data--or not?
•    Which metrics, key performance indicators or closed-loop processes are used?
•    What do successful companies do differently?

Take the Survey at  URL: https://deploy.ztelligence.com/start/index.jsp?PIN=13B2X6...

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