Fashion Chicago Magazine's- One on One Interview with Chicago Huddle’s April Rose

Dec 1, 2008 Fashion Chicago Magazine sits down with ABC 7 Chicago's announcer for the Chicago Huddle April Rose we discuss her experience as a hometown maxim Hottie and the experience of being chosen our first cover model for the swimsuit issue.
April 5, 2009 - PRLog -- FCM: Fashion Chicago Magazine would like to thank you for being the first cover model for our annual swimsuit issue. How does it feel to be chosen?

April Rose: Im honored! Being the first also means there are no hopefully i can set them high!

FCM: Congratulations for being a winner in the Maxim Hometown Hottie  contest? Tell us about that experience?

April Rose:The best part of the competition was when they flew me to New York for interviews and a photoshoot. The last night i was there the entire crew and I went to an amazing Greek restaurant right in the middle of New York! Everyone there was very experienced in the modeling world and at the top of their field, so funny stories flew around like mad. I had a blast!

FCM:  So you have a background in modeling, how long have you been modeling?

April Rose: Never full time, but for about 6 years.

FCM: Have you modeled exclusively in Chicago?

April Rose:No. All over the U.S. My favorite place was Wyoming. I was on a horse in the middle of a historic landmark. I cant imagine ever topping that experience.

FCM: Do you have any advice for young girls who are aspiring to be fashion models?

April Rose: Be ready not to be good enough. There will always be someone better than you. Get over that with your self esteem intact and you'll go further than you could imagine.

FCM: This year you land the job of announcer for ABC's Chicago Huddle, Chicago Bears pre-game show. Tell our readers about that experience?

April Rose: Im so blessed to have this job. ABC called me for an interview and the next thing i knew i was coming in the studio to start voice overs. We shoot the show downtown at the ESPN Zone every Friday. I've learned more than I knew was possible about football!

FCM: What are you five favorite must have beauty and make-up items your purse?

April Rose:
1-Oil blotting tissues. Makeup has a shelf life and adding more doesn't always help.
2-Eye liner
4-Lip gloss
5-Nail file

FCM: Who are your five favorite fashion designers?

April Rose: You're so gona laugh at me! I like whatever looks good on me and fights right. I dont care if its Prada or Walmart. Now if were talkin strictly purses??? Bring on the labels! The more expensive the better!

FCM: Do you have any future projects that you care to discuss?

April Rose:Im currently working on a project with the WNBA. It's probably going to be the greatest contribution i can make to Chicago. Im so excited about it! Keep a look out!

FCM: Thank you for chatting with us about your career.

April Rose: Any time!

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