My Self-Administered Oxygen Therapy Program - Week Three

...pills and potions don’t kill viruses. Only the body can kill the viruses that invade it. So in order to allow your body’s immune system to do its job, it must be properly oxygenated.
By: Lynne Gordon
March 28, 2009 - PRLog -- I am still amazed at the state of joy I find myself reveling in lately. These last three weeks have been the best of my life.

Since starting my own oxygenation therapy, I am on a mission and I will be faithful to it.

Week 3 - Day 1

I got a tweet yesterday that said, “…What day would you choose if you got stuck living the same day over and over again like in Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day”?

I replied that I could think of at least 30 right off the top of my head. As I was thinking about it later, I realized that at least 10 of those days have been in the last three weeks, since I started my therapy. Awesome!

And it really is. I have lived for fifty-three years and the last three weeks have been some of the healthiest times of my entire life because I started feeling the effects after three days on this program.

That tells me something I already knew all along, nothing is more important than good health. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, it doesn’t matter how popular you are or how many people admire and respect you. The simple fact is that we are only on this earth for a few short years (around 75 for most of us) and while we are here good health ( not money and respect) insures that we can have a good life.

Week 3 - Day 2

The leg rash is slowly getting better. I read that I could expect these harmful viruses and microbes to come out of my body in many ways. Through the skin, through boils ( haven’t had any of those yet, but it would be worth a week of discomfort to know that I was cleansing my body of something really harmful).

The book I read also said that once these things started showing up to increase the dosage for a few days to hasten the departure of these harmful bacteria and viruses from the body. So that’s exactly what I am doing.

Week 3 - Day 3

My roommate still hasn’t heard anything from her doctor after her biopsy. She just found out that he went on vacation to Aruba the day after her surgery. She said that is a definite sign that she does not have cervical cancer because he wouldn’t have gone if her problem was that serious.

Because that thought gave her comfort, I didn’t argue the point.

I didn’t tell her that this doctor sees sickness and death everyday and that a single patient’s condition is not a life-changing factor for him. I didn’t tell her that I believe that doctors work for the major pharmaceutical companies, not for us. And I didn’t tell her that because of that fact, he is not her doctor, he is just a doctor.

When we feel that our bodies have betrayed us and gone against our wishes and allowed some deadly disease to invade it, we need all the comfort we can get.

Which is exactly why I doing what I can to help my body before that happens.

Week 3 - Day 4

I talked to a beautiful young lady earlier this week about my therapy. When I tyold her the part about my not being able to get inebriated while I am on this therapy, she laughed.

She told me that she was a nurse and that when she was in school, she and all of her young friends would get snockered after school, go in the next morning and all of them would hit the oxygen. A couple of deep breaths and they were all sober as a preacher on Easter Sunday morning. lol

She wanted more information, so I gave her a copy of my book here: and she ordered the therapy for herself and her roommate.

I didn’t need it but vindication from an open-minded health professional feels pretty good.

Week 3 - Day 5

Another message from my mysterious Doctor friend and from a different g-mail account. He read last week’s blog and wanted to assure me that Chelation Therapy which does indeed use H2O2, is not just for his friends and cronies. They do accept people with life-threatening conditions but because most health insurance companies will not pay for it, the patient must assume full financial responsibility.

And, again…like I said…an elitist system using a simple compound that you can mix yourself for less than 2 cents a day, and charging a price that most of us can’t afford to get it.

Week 3 - Day 6

It saddens me that the AIDS virus was fostered upon an unsuspecting world. I do not believe that 3 African men had sex with a green monkey and …POOF!… AIDS was born and spread all over the world by these three homebodies who never left Africa.

I have also done some research and I have found that AIDS is a retrovirus. What that means is that, 1. The AIDS virus is NOT ALIVE, so it can not be killed, it must be inactivated for an infected person to get well. And, 2. There were no human retroviruses in existence until about 1981 when man learned the recombinant DNA process. There had been several recognized retroviruses in mice, sheep, cattle and pigs, but none that could survive in the human body until that time.

This makes me believe that maybe there is some credence that AIDS was created at Fort Detrick, MD. And if it was, we don’t have to look far to figure out the big WHY.

Week 3 - Day 7

I haven’t lost any more weight. And that’s ok with me because I was never trying to. I just thought it was a nice little side effect for anyone who is interested in doing so.

My skin is clear and absolutely beautiful. I have none of the little strange aches and pains that I used to just attribute to growing older. I am on a course to not just grow older…but to grow older gracefully.

I will say this again, pills and potions don’t kill viruses. Only the body can kill the viruses that invade it. So in order to allow your body’s immune system to do its job, it must be properly oxygenated.

We can no longer breathe our regular air deeply enough because it is so badly polluted with pesticides, insecticides, and other harmful compounds that have become a way of life in our modern society.

The only 100% way to maintain a properly oxygenated body is to visit a hospital 5 or 6 times a day and breathe in pure oxygen or start your own Self-Administered Oxygen Therapy Program for less than 2 cents a day.

I’ll keep you posted!

# # #

About My Self-Administered Oxygen Therapy Program: I an striving to save the world - one person, one dog, and one cat at a time.
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