How to Avoid Getting Banned from Xbox Live

How to Avoid Getting Banned from Xbox Live
By: jacky
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March 27, 2009 - PRLog -- If you've played a lot of Halo 2 (and now Halo 3), you'll have seen a lot of modders' and cheaters' e-mails on "Bungie's waahmbulance" filled with sorry excuses saying that they will tattle on other modders. Here is a simple guide on how not to get banned.
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[edit] StepsIn the Xbox Live sign-up you agreed to the Xbox Code of Conduct. These are all the simple rules like "Be nice to each other" and "Don't be rude". Read this!
Do not mod your console, you will be wasting money on something that will get you punished. This includes bridgers who cut off all the opposing good players. Microsoft will punish you to the maximum extent (as seen in the Xbox system info).
Be nice. If you get into a fight, just mute the guy who ticked you off. There is no excuse to swear out other people like you're on MTV's "YO MOMMA".
In the real world it is illegal to benefit from crime. Xbox Live is no different. If you are playing with modders then leave the game, regardless if it will neglect your stats or not. If you get some good from cheating, you will be banned!
Unless you meet a friend a lot (like you meet a classmate), don't be boinking (or agree to meet in real life) with other people. The Internet already is controversial with all the strangers lurking about, boinking will just incriminate you.
One more thing. If you are banned, don't flame Microsoft (or, in a very popular case, Bungie) because you can get into serious legal trouble.

[edit] TipsIf you bought a used Xbox or a used Xbox 360 hardrive, clean out the hardrives and saved data. There might be hacks that can get you banned.
If you have been temporarily banned till the year 9999, then the ban may have been an error from the Xbox 360 family settings. Just turn off the family settings for your Xbox Live account and you should be fine.
Here is another reason not to hack. If you are temporarily banned, then you won't be able to access your account info - meaning you can't cancel your service until the ban has been lifted. Those who have been permanently banned will not be refunded if they have a paid gold subscription that hasn't ended.
If you are using Live than be nice to people. If you are well mannered and don't act in an inappropriate way, they are more likely to leave you some good feedback which will increase your reputation, thereby allowing you to get paired up with better people in matchmaking.

[edit] WarningsDon't mod your console, or cheat, or be explicitly rude or else you will be banned. That is the whole point of this article.
Having a good online reputation will not save you from banishment.
Be a team player, even when others do the wrong thing, still be nice.

[edit] Things You'll NeedCommon sense
Patience with bad players
A good attitude
Respect for Da Rules
Emotional Control
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