The Differences Between Freshwater Pearl Jewelry And Seawater Pearl Jewelry

The seawater pearl jewelry is also called the sea bead, and the south sea bead, the differences between freshwater pear mainly are the following several aspect .you may carry on the distinction according to this: wholesale jewelry
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March 26, 2009 - PRLog -- The seawater pearl jewelry is also called  the sea bead, and the south sea bead, the differences between freshwater pear  mainly are the following several aspect .you may carry on the distinction according to this: wholesale jewelry

1. From shape: the seawater pearl  inserted the nucleus cultivation the sea water pearl, generally is the circular pearl. If the pearl   is partial to  Flat circular bead, it is the fresh water pearl, because the freshwater pearl jewelry majority is the non-nuclear cultivation, is  difficult to obtain the proper circle  pearl, generally is the rice shape, the ellipse, oblate. therefore judges a bead  whether  the south bead, obtains from the shape is very essential. seawater pearls circle rules were relatively spherical, and freshwater pearls are more and more oval, flat circle, and the surface more than Cristaria;

2, Size: seawater pearls than freshwater pearl, and sea water pearls beads diameter is generally from 6 to 7.5 millimeters, and freshwater pearls will be much smaller particles; costume jewelry .

3. From slight defect: seawater pearl bead pole of the face unusual thread shape's slight defect appears (, even if is very shallow thread), the pale water drop's thread is common, once therefore the top grade bead chain presents the thread shape the slight defect to present (, even if is very shallow thread), you may judge this bead chain are the freshwater pearl, but is not the south bead.

4. From feel: sea water pearls feel  relatively exquisite, freshwater pearl jewelry feel  thick, has the  rough feeling.
5. From gloss: , seawater pearl gloss is generally speaking magnificent, the sense of reality pale water drop is insightful. other, regarding the non-top grade bead chain, in the shape, south the bead not round bead assumes the water drop trend, jueshao has the oblate trend. wholesale crystal
6, the survival rate: General seawater wholesale pearl for 50 percent survival rate, and in this context into the beads are only 40 percent; and freshwater pearls will be much higher survival rate;

7, pearl output: general three seawater fucata only produce a pearl, and a fresh water can be formed fucata about 20 pearls;

8, growth environment: the sea pearls is more natural in an open seawater growth (there are more nutrients and plankton), while freshwater pearls are more waters in the relatively closed environment of growth;

9, medicinal efficacy: seawater pearls medicinal ingredients is generally higher than freshwater pearls, medicinal value higher

freshwater pearl jewelry handmade jewelry have the biggest shortcoming:
The density is low. general is less than the density of sea water pearls freshwater pearl;
freshwater pearl  shell may deliver more than 10-20 freshwater pearl, moreover may in two year from non-nuclear as long as 7-8MM, the such quick growth speed creates the bead nature structure relatively loosely, this kind of relative low density in the pearl surface revealed that it lacks sea water drop that kind solid exquisite, the favor sense of reality, compares with the same scale's south bead, south bead's gloss is even more sharp! Therefore the freshwater pearl jewelry gloss easy to abate, the epidermis is also easy Mongolia. Otherwise takes the non-nuclear pearl the freshwater pearl jewelry is not present's this value. is natural, says from the expense idea, the pearl is one kind of loss, the pearl wears the effectiveness, is not by has the nucleus or non-nuclear differentiates, although a non-nuclear freshwater pearl jewelry chain will not peel off, but once the gloss will abate to certain degree will lose actual wears the value. In the correct maintenance's situation, a good south bead necklace will match the belt effectiveness not to be lower than the same quality actually the freshwater pearl jewelry.

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