Reverse Trike Revolution, Inc Release A New “ Dvd Rtr1000h Roadster Build."

HARRIMAN, T.N. Mar. 23 // -- Reverse Trike Revolution, Inc. announced today the Release of a NEW DVD “ RTR1000H ROADSTER BUILD.”
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March 23, 2009 - PRLog -- The RTR1000H REVERSE TRIKE ROADSTER is an excellent cross between performance and fuel economy. RTR1000H REVERSE TRIKE ROADSTER is an excellent example of how light tubular construction can result in both high fuel economy, and sports car performance. This Reverse Trike design outperforms most sports cars, and still delivers similar fuel mileage as the original motorcycle. With 82 hp and a 1,100-pounds curb weight, the RTR1000H REVERSE TRIKE ROADSTER has a power to weight ratio of 13.41 pounds per horsepower. In comparison to a 1998 Toyota Supra, weighing 3,258 pounds, with a 225hp engine, which gives it a power to weight ratio of 14.48 pounds per horsepower, you can see our performance is better.
The RTR1000H REVERSE TRIKE ROADSTER was built using a 1976 Honda Gold Wing, the latter model Goldwings with the electric reverse, are an even better choice. The Gold Wing's 6-cylinder opposed engine is smooth-running, and develops maximum torque at a comparatively low rpm which is better for an automotive application, but still results in a very fuel-efficient vehicle. The reverse trike consists of a stripped motorcycle, minus the front fork assembly, using a simple tubular steel framework, which is then attached to a VW Beetle front axle beam.
The RTR1000H REVERSE TRIKE ROADSTER’s design is both functional and aggressive. The donor motorcycle can be (either air-cooled or water-cooled), although water cooled is recommended. Ease of construction, and safety are our Goal with this design. Cool air is ducted into it from underneath, top, or at the sides based on your choice of body design. An electric fan, located just ahead of the engine, or on the radiator of a water cooled motorcycle, keeps it cool at idle. Seating is side by side, and occupants are protected by a complete roll cage.
Operating the RTR1000H REVERSE TRIKE ROADSTER a very UNIQUE experience. Shifting is done with an aircraft style control stick that is positioned between the bucket seats. The handlebar controls from the motorcycle are mounted on the shifter, where they are within easy reach. The motorcycle clutch lever is also mounted on the shifter. To shift gears, squeeze the clutch lever, then move the stick either forward or reverse, depending on whether you are up shifting or down shifting. The shifter is connected via a short cable to the foot-lever that is normally used to shift gears on the motorcycle, so the shift pattern is identical. Accelerator and brake pedals are mounted on the floor, just like those of a conventional vehicle.

Due to its center of gravity, RTR1000H ROADSTER under steers, just like most conventional vehicles. When pushed hard into a turn, the reverse trike will float to the outside, rather than spin out. Because of its low center of gravity, the margin of safety against rollover is equivalent, or better than a standard automobile.

NO TUBING BENDER REQUIRED! All YOU NEED is a WELDER, and a few common hand tools. a pipe cutter is needed to lower front axle, if so desired.
With OUR PROCESS, it only took 1 weekend to build a running driving REVERSE TRIKE. To be street legal, it will take you another weekend to complete. Time to construct is based on one of our employee's builds. YES, it was their first time.


Length: 140 inch
Width: 652inch
Height: 47 inch
Front Brakes: Drum
Rear Brakes: Disc
Curb Weight: Approx. 1100 lbs
Ground Clearance: 4-1/2 inch
Turning Circle: 28 feet
Fuel Capacity: 5 U.S. gallons
Seating: Two person, side by side bucket seats.
Power Train: 1976 Honda Gold Wing, latter model with electric reverse would be preferable. Could be built using a bike as small as, a 500cc, with reduced performance, but greater fuel economy.
Power: 82hp @ 7500rpm according to the motorcycles manufacturer.
Transmission: 5-speed.
Front Suspension: VW Beetle axle beam.
Construction Cost: Approximately $3,000.00, plus a donor motorcycle. Using mostly salvaged parts, instead of mostly new, we believe our Reverse Trike can be built for very little, Possible as little as $1,000.00, plus a donor motorcycle, or even less if you already have a motorcycle.

Reverse Trike Revolution, Inc.™  is a Technology Consulting Firm. RTR, Inc. was created in the spring of 2006, and legally Incorporated in February 2009 in Tennessee. Founders Charles Savoree and Michael Davis each have years of custom vehicle experience; ranging from motorcycles both dirt and street, to sand rails, muscle cars and drag boats. With this knowledge, and their rapidly rising interest in reverse trikes, the decision was made to form Reverse Trike Revolution, Inc.™  RTR, Inc. is quickly becoming one of the leading promoters of homebuilt reverse trikes.
Currently RTR, Inc. is working with alternative fuels, and drive systems in the arena of Green Technology. Development of a High MPG, Reverse trike design for the Family is underway, and the prototype should be ready for road testing in the summer of 2010.

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Reverse Trike Revolution, Inc.™ is a Technology Consulting Firm. Founded by Charles Savoree and Michael Davis. RTR, Inc. is quickly becoming one of the leading promoters of homebuilt reverse trikes.

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