Professor Majid Naini Sends Message for Spring & Persian New Year, Norooz

Dr. Majid Naini, one of the leading Rumi scholars in the world, shares his poetry and translations of Rumi and Saadi for Norooz.
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Happy Norooz and Spring,
To my friends, fellow life travelers, and loved ones.
Oh God, in honor of your shining light,
Please send love and goodness in the Spring.
A year full of grace and kindness,
Please grant us from Your mercy.
Oh God of love, I humbly ask of you,
For a good year full of mercy and love.
So peace, sincerity, and good fortune,
Will cover the entire universe.
For the sake of this Spring and Your pure love,
For the sake of Your grace and merciful essence,
Oh God, Oh King, God of love,
Please grant us love and mercy from Your grace.
Oh God, oh King of kings of both worlds,
Please forgive and pardon us in both worlds.

بنام حضرت عشق

مبارک  باد     نوروز    و    بهاران               به  یاران  و  رفیقان  و  عزیزان
خداوندا     به   حق      نور    تابان               روان کن عشق وخوبی دربهاران
یکی  سالی پر از  خوبی  و  احسان               عطا فرما  ز لطفتت  تو  به انسان
همی خواهم ز تو ای حضرت عشق               یکی سالی نکو از رحمت و عشق
که  تا  صلح  و صفا  و  نیک بختی               فرا  گیرد    سرا سر   بحر هستی
بحق    این  بهار    و   عشق  پاکت               بحق  رحمت    و   بخشنده  ذاتت
الها        پادشاها     حضرت عشق               عطا فرما زلطفتت رحمت وعشق
خداوندا        شهنشاه       دو عالم                بیامرزا  و    ببخشا   در  دو عالم

As the Supreme God of love revives nature with an abundance of beauty, color, and bounty in this vernal equinox or our Spring, which always coincides with the ancient Persian New Year Norooz, I would like to offer my best wishes for a year embodied with health, love, peace, prosperity, happiness, and harmony. In our wonderful journey of life on this Earth another year has passed, and the new Spring marks Enshallah (God willing) a new era in the dimension of time and history of the world. I sincerely and humbly pray to the loving God of love, the Divine Supreme Master Creator of the Universe who created everything out of love, that this new Spring or Norooz ushers in a new era in the history of our beautiful planet Earth in terms of ending the ongoing wars, hunger, and conflicts, and making a true peaceful effort towards the mutual dialogue, understanding, and respect for every race, creed, religion, nationality, background, etc. Let us remember that in this short time that we have left on this beautiful planet before we continue to our higher journey, the only true capital that we can take with us are our good words, good thoughts, and good deeds. I sincerely wish everyone again health, happiness, peace, prosperity, serenity, and especially love in your hearts, as manifested in my above humble poem and translations.

I hope that every one of us in this New Year and Spring, will allow love and compassion to burn all the ills and bad memories of the past so our hearts and souls can become fertile and the new flower buds of good intentions and wishes will bloom once again. Let us all join our hands together and make this year the best year that we have ever had on this magnificent and beautiful spaceship Earth, full of love, peace and harmony. Let us all humbly join together in prayer and ask the God and Creator of love to help us all to wish and work towards that noble intention and goal. Let us remember that love is the only thing that can quicken the energy of our souls and love is the only healer of all the ills of humanity.

After all, as my beloved teacher Rumi (1207-1273), one of the greatest mystic poets who has been the best selling poet for the past decade and for whom UNESCO named 2007 as the Year of Rumi, has stated a long time ago:

از برای عشق  عالم را  بساخت              ذره ها  را  آفتاب  او  نواخت
گر نبودی   بهر عشق پاک   را              کی  وجودی  دادمی  افلاک  را
من  بدان  افراشتم   چرخ  سنی               تا   علو عشق   را   فهمی کنی
دور گردونها ز موج عشق دان               گر نبودی عشق بفسردی جهان

Let me offer you my humble translation:

For love, God created the whole universe,
Every particle benefited from God’s Sun.
If it wasn’t for pure love,
When would I (God) have created the universe?
I (God) created the universe,
So you may comprehend the glory of love.
The spinning of galaxies is from the wave of love,
Were it not for love, the world would perish.

عشق از ازلست و تا ابد خواهد بود                جوينده  عشق         بيعدد   خواهد   بود
فردا    كه   قيامت    آشكارا  گردد                هر دل كه  نه عاشق است رد خواهد بود

Let me offer you my humble translation again:

Love is from eternity and will last till eternity,
Seekers of love will be infinite.
Tomorrow when the judgment day appears,
Whatever heart that is not in love will be rejected.

Saadi (circa 1188-1290), another great Persian poet, writer, and thinker from Shiraz whose most famous works are the Boostan (The Orchard) and the Golestan (The Rose Garden), wrote:

بنی آد م  اعضا ی    یگد یگرند              که در آفرینش ز یک گوهرند
چو عضوی بدرد آورد روزگار              دگر عضوها  را  نماند  قرار
تو کز محنت  دیگران بی غمی               نشاید  که   نامت  نهند  آدمی

Let me offer you my humble translation:

The descendants of Adam (human beings) are from one another,
In creation (they) are from the same essence.
If destiny brings pain to one organ,
Other organs will not be at ease.
If you are not sorrowful from others' suffering,
You are not worthy of being called a human being.

Majid M. Naini, Ph.D.
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