KinderSkills Uses Brain Research to Help Children Build Early Developmental Skill Sets, Through Play

Our initial presentation of KinderSkills is a puzzle creation and skills learning program called PicturME Puzzler. PicturME Puzzler provides children with a unique puzzle play experience using your own digital photos right on your computer.
KinderSkills' PicturME Puzzler Skills Developmental Puzzle Game
KinderSkills' PicturME Puzzler Skills Developmental Puzzle Game
March 16, 2009 - PRLog -- Recent research supports a new connectionist model of brain development. This research suggests that sensory input into the brain create the neural pathways of the brain based on life experiences.

Findings show that the pathways that get the most input grow more complex and more efficient, while those pathways that receive little or no input stagnate or even disappear. These pathways directly relate to such things as intelligence, creativity, aptitude, sociality, etc.

“KinderSkills uses these findings to fill a crucial void,” said Shane McBryde, founder of “A void that seems to be neglected in other popular early learning products in favor of knowledge based instruction.”  
The overall objective of KinderSkills, however, is to help foster the cognitive developmental progress of children in the early stages of their lives. KinderSkills focuses on the development of primary skill sets that foster brain function in the areas of:

*  Hand-Eye Coordination
*  Shape Matching
*  Complexity Management
*  Spatial Association
*  Problem Solving
*  Order Sequencing
*  Abstract Resolution
*  And Fine Motor Precision

These primary skill sets are the foundation upon which future achievement in all areas of learning is built. Everything from reading, writing and arithmetic to the sciences and the arts rely upon combinations of these skill sets.

And because early experiences are crucial for synapse formation in young brains, developing these primary skill sets when a child's brain is at it’s most plastic, flexible and inquisitive stage can help a child gain a head start toward a successful and rewarding educational experience throughout their life.

“PicturME Puzzler employs the proven play experience of a traditional children’s puzzle to promote the skill set development concept of KinderSkills,” explains McBryde. “Using age appropriate, activity based means, PicturME Puzzler helps to advance synapse formation in areas of the brain that correspond to mental acuity and fine motor dexterity. Any child who has ever put together a puzzle will be able to start immediately, developing, through play, the essential, primary skill sets so necessary for early childhood developmental progress.”

Cognitive development is supported throughout PicturME Puzzler’s five levels of progressive play, with each level building upon specific skills developed in the previous levels. While fine motor skills are refined by means of an adjustable precision control.

PicturME Puzzler has all the fun and challenge of a traditional 12-piece puzzle, plus the added delight a child experiences when the puzzle turns out to be of them (or mommy/daddy, sister/brother, pets, etc).

Using your existing digital photos, PicturME Puzzler will automatically create new puzzles for your child, during play. All sized, centered, and cropped to fit, with no limit to the number of different puzzles PicturME Puzzler can create. And by simply changing the images available, every session can be a surprise with new puzzles being created instantly from the new images.

Moreover, each KinderSkills educational game allows you, the parent, to determine the developmental level most appropriate for your child. Choosing from progressive levels of play, you decide when your child is ready to graduate to the next level.

You also determine the fine motor precision best suited for your child. Monitoring and easily changing it to keep pace with and continue to challenge your child as experience and proficiency are gained in their fine motor skills development.

“In essence,” says McBryde, “when given the chance, children do a wonderful job, through exploration and inquisition, of resolving the complexities of the world around them into manageable, cohesive structures in which they can navigate. PicturME Puzzler, along with other future KinderSkills products, are fun tools a parent can use to further advance this miraculous, innate ability that each and every child possesses.”

Please visit our website at to learn more about KinderSkills, PicturME Puzzler, and early child brain development.

A working, review (non-installation) copy of PicturME Puzzler may be requested by the press at:  (not for general distribution)  Please identify yourself and your company in your request.

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About KinderSkills: KinderSkills incorporates recent advances in brain research to help young children build critical, early developmental skill sets using age appropriate, activity based means, with an emphasis on play.

Encouraging essential synapse formation in a young child's brain when it is at it’s most plastic, flexible and inquisitive stage can help that child gain a head start toward a successful and rewarding educational experience throughout their life.

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