Herbalife's Direct Marketing in Greece, Takes a New Twist In Front of The Big Upcoming Crisis

Nikolas Jonas's from Herbalife in his new site explains Why Success is a Spiritual State of Mind.You Can Make It Happen on Her Own. Especially in a Big Crisis like the one we pass in Greece, you just Need to Grab The Right Chance.
By: Nikolas Jonas
March 15, 2009 - PRLog -- Nikolas Jonas's from Herbalife in his new site explains Why Success is a Spiritual State of Mind.You Can Make Success Happen on Her Own. Especially even in a Big Crisis like the one we pass in Greece this year, You Just Need to Grab The Right Chance.

Nikolas Jonas, an Internet Marketing and Direct Marketing Expert, in his new site explains in detail how Herbalife's Direct Marketing and Compensation Plan actually works and how especially young people and even baby boomers in Greece, can take great advantage in a crisis like this.

" Even in a bad economy like this when people, workers and households are teared apart in Greece, Herbalife's Business Opportunity can help anyone overpass any difficulties and bad finances within some months, with proper direct marketing training, helpful seminars, clear plan, focus and continuous networking with his peers. Especially now that Internet is here, Everyone Can Use This Tool to create a huge network and impact to over 70 countries that Herbalife operates. Possibilities to enlarge your peer network and product distribution is endless " he told us.

His new Wiki at http://forrestmelendez3.wetpaint.com/ gives all explanations for Herbalife's Compensation plan, and this time in Greek too. Wetpaint helps a lot on that.
" I got tired seeing new distributors get in difficulties with language problems-while they do want to work- in their training, so I decided to create this site so that they can understand Herbalife's compensation plan and additionally I will use very sophisticated video and webinar training so that they can first understand Direct Marketing and then all will be easier" Nikolas added.

Additionally he mentioned: "Herbalife has a great business opportunity for all of those who want to invest little money and some serious effort, so that they can bring an additional income in their family. There existed misconceptions and a lot of scammers are trying to accuse Herbalife's integrity only because in Greece when something is working great and nice, we try to boycott it. This has to stop. When accurate Herbalife reviews exist, when correct training about Herbalife diet exist and Herbalife central information training takes place, all these will change." he told us.

At http://forrestmelendez3.wetpaint.com you can have the opportunity to share: discussions, photos, videos, updates, droplets, to-dos and also invite members for more information and training about Herbalife products and distributors in Greece.

There are some good reasons for this kind of success:

1. For more than 25 years Herbalife offers a direct approach in weight loss management and healthy life that transformed millions of lives.
2. Herbalife is active in more than 70 countries nowadays with more than 1.9 Million product distributors.
3. Herbalife is a member of DSA, Direct Selling Association
4. Herbalife has her own Scientific Advisor Committee which is in the cutting-edge of food science and helps in creation of high quality products.
5. The company's success is not based only on this high quality products but also in the top notch human presence of her qualified members and distributors

The successful business model of Herbalife is based on people helping one another and this what this new site and training is going to help too.

Nikolas Jonas

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Nikolas is a direct marketing expert specialized in Brand development, web site traffic growth, Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development. Co-Founder of several web sites and portals he is Expert in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services and additionally a specialist with resources to Competitive Intelligence and Competitor Analysis of Paid and Organic Search Marketing Activities.

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