Looks are Everything in A Recession

A recession is a time when many people are cutting back on their spending. But, if your employees and customers can see signs you could be struggling, it could have dire consequences.
March 12, 2009 - PRLog -- In these tight economic times there are a lot of things people are thinking of cutting back on in order to save a little money here and there. But if you are a businessman or business owner who usually wears jewelry, you may want to think twice before cutting this part of your attire out of the budget. It may give the wrong impression to those around you.

What does a nice men's necklace say to those who see it? If it is an impressive necklace it will give those around you the feel that you are doing well right now. That is a very important image to give off in many business situations.  

The Boss

If you run a business, your employees will be looking to you all the time to gauge whether they will have a job in months to come. With the current economic situation and number of layoffs that have been happening at businesses all over the country, employees are very worried that their job could be the next to disappear.  If you, as the boss, are coming in looking like you are doing well, such as having new jewelry and accessories, they will be more confident that things are going well, which also means their jobs are secure.

The Proprietor

If you run a store that offers goods or services to the public, you will have them watching how things are going with you and your store, as they try to gauge your future. Every week businesses are closing, and your customers are looking for any indications that you may be following that trend. If they think you aren't doing well they may look for other stores to replace you, thinking you may not be around long. That can mean a loss of revenue.

Instead, a business owner needs to act like things are just fine. If you usually lavish yourself with great looking accessories, it's time to purchase some new ones. The key is to purchase affordable ones that still offer the look you need.

Michael Trofimchuk, CEO and Founder of TrendToGo, Inc has some advice on how to do that. If you usually wear a gold necklace and get a new one periodically, why not try something that looks like gold, but costs a lot less, like a Gold Plated Stainless Steel Necklace.

"Stainless steel today is preferred by many over the silver because it does not tarnish. Some even prefer it over gold because it's a much harder metal and doesn't brake as easily." says Trofimchuk, "For the price of the Gold Set, one can afford to have multiple stainless steel styles."

Among other options to keep that successful look going are French cuff shirts with a classic pair of Stainless Steel or Sterling Silver cuffs at $29.95. This shows class, taste and power.  

The simple message is that you don't need to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks, but you do need to look like a million bucks says Trofimchuk, "In sales and especially in the corporate world, appearance is everything.  No matter now materialistic and shallow it might sounds, lesson one in everything business school or recruiters office is, you have to look successful."

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