Economic Depression Side Effects – Jewelry Depression

During tight economic times most people cut back on extra expenses. But if part of you is defined by your jewelry and accessories, this could lead to a form of jewelry depression. Here's how to battle it.
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March 12, 2009 - PRLog -- In these economic down times many people are not only depressed by the economy, but also what it is doing to their habits.

For many people jewelry is a way to represent themselves. Purchasing a new and beautiful piece of jewelry is a not just about buying something, but that piece becomes an extension of the person wearing it. The beauty of the piece is transferred to the person wearing it causing them to feel beautiful and more positive about their situation.

According to Michael Trofimchuk, CEO and Founder of TrendToGo, Inc, jewelry makes people feel beautiful and impacts their self-esteem, "Jewelry has been known to be something beautiful throughout history. It has been rooted in us from the beginning of time. It is accepted by society that jewelry ornaments are a must to bring attention, so what else if not gorgeous sparkling jewels will make one more appealing."

Unfortunately, today's economy has many people forced to cut back on their expenses and one of the first things to go is those things that are considered extras in their lives, such as jewelry.

But it's not just the jewelry stores that suffer from this lack of buying. The person suffers as well. Since jewelry is a part of their personality and how they express themselves, they are forced to repress a part of themselves and this can, in some cases, lead to sadness and feelings of being unable to express oneself.

So, with less money coming in, yet the longing to have the beauty that comes with wearing jewelry, what are people to do? Look for more affordable alternatives. According to Trofimchuk consumers can save a lot of money by taking a little time to look for more affordable alternatives, " In today's market saving is everything.  Gold is around $1000 an ounce, diamonds have sky rocketed."

One of the options is to look away from real gold and diamonds and look to less expensive treasures, "Silver is roughly 2% of gold's price." says Trofimchuk, "Take a Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver ring with a good quality cut CZ stone and you have a perfect accessory for the fraction of the cost. With many faux, and inspired jewelry styles, similar looking items could be purchased for up to 90% off the authentic designer pieces."

Trofimchuk would know about these things as he has built a business out of offering many of those affordable alternatives to his customers so they can still have the style they are longing for at a fraction of the cost.

Here's a perfect example. Consider a diamond and amethyst bracelet that is set in white gold. The price tag on this piece would be in the thousands of dollars for a minimal design and could easily get into the tens of thousands for something with a lot of larger diamonds. On the other hand, this Sterling Amethyst CZ Bracelet is under $140 on This price allows that look and feel of stylish luxury without the price.

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