Centron Fuel Additive Reduces Operating Costs While Providing Superior Diesel Fuel & Performance

Centron Diesel Fuel Enhancer comprehensive benefit package is paid for 3-7 times over through fuel & maintenance cost savings while providing top quality, superior performing diesel fuel and engine performance
By: RMM Marketing Group
March 12, 2009 - PRLog -- During challenging economic times it is especially important to reduce costs and protect bottom line profits. The challenge for most businesses is other than slashing people most meaningful cost savings initiatives require capital that is unavailable or the returns are too far out, not providing the immediate cost savings impact needed.

Not so with Centron Diesel Fuel Enhancer, a patented diesel fuel treatment that through extensive testing and 7 years of field trial use has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to improve diesel engine performance, reduce fuel and maintenance costs by 8% - 20%, lower harmful exhaust emissions plus extend equipment / asset life.  Centron is arguably the very best performance and preventative maintenance diesel fuel additive in the market today that also pays for itself on average 3-7 times over through operating cost savings. Centron’s comprehensive benefit package focuses on 4 key areas that are critical to top quality, superior performing diesel fuel and engine performance:

1.   Sustained Preventative Maintenance / Protection against Fuel Related Problems
2.   Proven Fuel Savings of 8% - 20%
3.   Increased Power & Performance
4.   Reduces Exhaust Emissions by up to 50%

1.      Sustained Preventative Maintenance / Protection against Fuel Related Problems
•        Provides Top Oil lubricity to protect vital engine parts from accelerated wear
•        Powerful detergent cleans fuel, fuel injectors, pump & bulk/onboard tanks
•        Reduces carbon buildup & EGR soot loading
•        Stabilizer reduces fuel contamination, improves oxidation and thermal stability
•        Contains emulsifiers that separate & help remove moisture from fuel
•        Prevents Corrosion protecting fuel tanks, fuel lines and engine components
•        Algaecide maintains fuel integrity, prevents fuel contamination
•        Cold flow improver to -20F reduces the risk of icing, filter plugging and gelling
•       Does not void Manufacturers Warranty plus is Engine Safe: Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Ford, GMC, Navistar, Mercedes, Volvo, ThermoKing……

2.      Fuel Savings
•        Proven to increase fuel economy performance by 8% - 20%
•        Hydrocarbon enhancer affects a more complete & efficient fuel burn
•        Powerful detergents keep fuel injectors, fuel pump & fuel system clean and functioning at peak performance
•        Cetane boost provides more complete combustion, improved start-ups, idling and acceleration
•        Increased horsepower requires less engine load & RPM
•        Lab & field tested w/over 7 years & 300 million miles of documented results

3.      Increased Power & Performance
•        Patented Technology lowers fuel surface tension resulting in a more complete and powerful combustion
•        Increases horsepower by 5%+
•     Increases pulling power by up to 20%
•        Cetane boost of up to 8 points increases power, torque & acceleration
•        Improves ignition quality, eliminates diesel knocks & hard starts
•        Reduces engine load & RPM’s

4.      Reduces Harmful Exhaust Emissions
•        Reduces exhaust emissions HC, NOx, PM & Opacity by up to 50%
•        Cleaner fuel burn reduces smoke, soot loading & vapor exhaust
•        EPA, SAE & Field Tested

Centron will improve the performance of your diesel powered equipment plus produce immediate as well as long term operating cost savings.  To learn more about Centron call 866-510-0739 or visit www.myfuelpartner.com

Centron has been servicing the trucking industry along with other fuel dependent industries and businesses for over 7 years.

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Centron Diesel Fuel Enhancer is a patented fuel treatment formulated to act as a hydrocarbon enhancer lowering the surface tension of fuel causing fuel molecules to thoroughly mix with available oxygen creating a more complete and
powerful combustion. Combined with powerful detergent and lubricating properties Centron keeps injector nozzles free of carbon buildup plus lubricates vital engine parts. Centron also increases cetane by up to 8 points plus acts as a
stabilizer, diesel detergent, algaecide & cold flow improver reducing the risk of fuel contamination and gelling. The end result is increased fuel economy and performance, lower maintenance costs & reduced harmful exhaust emissions.

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