Mike Geary: Exercises for abs breakthrough. His 5 secrets are revealed today

Mike Geary's eagerly anticipated new book 'The Truth About Abs' has finally been released. He is perfectly positioned to author this book, after putting into practice everthing he preaches for the last 17 years.
By: Silvia Seymour
March 9, 2009 - PRLog -- www.losemybellyfatnow.info

Direct from Mike himself:

I would like to highlight for you the main points and strategies that I use to make this program one of the most effective programs in existance for fully developing your abdominals as well as getting rid of that stubborn stomach fat that is covering them up.

Pay attention, because once you get the basics down pat, you'll be showing off your flat belly in no time at all. whether it's down at the beach, in the pool, with your loved one, wherever... Just imagine how confident you will feel when people are complimenting you on your super gorgeous flat belly!

Here's why 'The Truth about Six Pack Abs' program is different:

1. There is so much more than just abs exercises in this program. This program consistently gets great results by NOT focusing on just abs exercises alone.

2. This program uses none of those old style, shockingly monotonous cardio routines. (...yawn)

3. I will NEVER tell you to use supplements or so called 'fat loss' pills.

4. This program does not revolve around using any fancy ab machines or ab gadgets.

5. This program does not include some sort of fad diet or gimmicky diet trend.

I am always shocked to see the prices for pills and potions ($30, $50, $60+) and abs gadgets ($100, $150, $300+

The Truth about Abs professional training program is cheaper, conveinent and the lessons learned will stay with you for life. You can always choose the pills for a very expensive urine, or whizz bang gadgets that will end up under your bed in 2 weeks. (yep,I've been there too)

I hope this article has given you some insight as to where you may be going wrong with your exercise and nutrition plans in striving for those elusive abs. See below for more info on losing stubborn stomach fat and developing ripped six pack abs.

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Michael Geary (CPT) is a renowned international fitness expert, contributing writer for Muscle & Fitness Magazine, and author of the internationally best-selling book, The Truth about Six-Pack Abs.


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