Samuel Tilden's Biography - A Book Every Historian, Voters and Politician Should Own

"The Life of Samuel J. Tilden", Revision written by John Bigelow and Revised and Edited by Nikki Oldaker is now available online to commemorate the celebration of Tilden's Annual Birthday Dinner being held at the National Arts Club, March 9th.
By: Nikki Oldaker
March 8, 2009 - PRLog -- "The Life of Samuel J. Tilden", written by John Bigelow and Revised and Edited by Nikki Oldaker is being released to commemorate the celebration of Tilden's Annual Birthday Dinner being held at the National Arts Club in Gramercy Park, New York the evening of March 9th. The mansion is a historical landmark and was Tilden's home when he was New York's Governor and the 1876 Presidential candidate.

Oldaker took the time to retype set the entire biography and decided more illustrations would enhance the book. She also reformatted charts corrected a historical mistake Bigelow's printer missed before the book went to press. Nikki Oldaker also Produced and wrote two other Tilden projects,  “Samuel Tilden and Past Presidential Candidates” in 1997 which can be seen on YouTube and her most recent book “Samuel Tilden the Real 19th President" published in 2006 which can be found at all online bookstores. Nikki is currently in pre-production for her next Tilden venture, an hour or more long documentary about Tilden's life which will highlight his Presidential campaign and the political corruption that stole his Presidency from him.

Oldaker quips,"Tilden never conceded his Presidency even though some historians say he did. John Bigelow makes it very clear in his biography about Tilden that he did not. Samuel was considered the greatest Democrat ever and notorious for his Reformer tactics. During the19th century high ranking politicians all the way up to the White House consulted with him until his death about their careers. He was a great political adviser for many, including Presidents Lincoln and Cleveland...if we had someone like him today in Washington there would be no financial mess. Tilden did not believe in over taxing the people and never wasted one dime of taxpayers money while he was Governor."

Nikki adds, "Tilden was a mathematical genius known for his integrity and great mind. He worked day and night doing what he loved most - serving the American people. When people read my first book about his stolen election they are astonished by the story and told me up until now they had never heard of Tilden...I laugh and reply, "That's because our current crop of party politicians don't want you to know about him - reform and low taxes is not in their vocabulary. Especially Income Tax - he was appalled by the thought of it. This is exactly why I've spent so many years writing about the people will know what a great American statesman he was and how they are supposed to be representing us in Washington, which they are not."

Some of Tilden's remarks about Political Reform are: "Reforms must come from plain people and not from above...All history shows that reforms in government must not be expected from those who sit serenely on the social mountain tops enjoying the benefits of the existing order of things."  "I appeal particularly to the poor man, whose home is fixed and difficult of change. He is concerned in matters of government more virally than the rich man who, removing his residence with comparative ease can escape the oppressions of a government that he regards as intolerable."

The Revised Edition, "The Life of Samuel J. Tilden" can be purchased online at Barnes and Noble website. Do not confuse Nikki's Revision with scanned versions being sold online...her's is not a scanned copy like the others being offered. Both of Oldaker's books and more information about Samuel Tilden can be found at:

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