MoneyTeachers.Org states that Investor Interest in Gold/Silver is at an all-time high:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Investor interest in gold/silver bullion continues its upward surge. P. A Drockton M.A. talks about his company's unusually high demand for their gold investment products. Sees gold at $5000 ounce. (MoneyTeachers.Org)
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March 4, 2009 - PRLog -- The falling stock market has and a possible fall-out of the dollar has resulted in 300% increase in those looking at investing in gold and silver states Paul A Drockton M.A., the President of MoneyTeachers.Org.

"I am astonished at the demand for our online course on gold investing," Drockton
explained. "It just seems that a lot more people are running scared from traditional investments like mutual funds and real-estate. The courses we sell on these other investments have actually slowed down. The gold and silver courses are the exception."

Drockton's company is located at" We put a little You-Tube video out there about gold investing and have seen almost 15,000 hits. Most of them coming in the last few months. We haven't done any marketing on the video and still have had an unusually large response to the video . "

Drockton also states that his brand new gold blog http://www.moneywisdom-gold is far more hits than expected. "We haven't done anything to promote this new blog and we still recieve an unusually high number of visitors." The Blog explains gold bullion,futures and options investments "Gold seems
to be the hottest thing on the internet right now." states Mr. Drockton.

Over two years ago, Drockton was counseling his clients to add gold and silver to their investment portfolios and to minimize their exposure to dollar-based investments. He also warned them about the real-estate bubble collapsing. "Most of them listened." he says, "Those that didn't are just now starting to concede the point."

The stock market has lost 50% of its value and the dollar is seriously challenged by our National Debt." Mr. Drockton also predicted early last year that the demand for gold would push it to the $2000 an ounce price. "I was afraid of creating a panic with my clients, so I kept the projections very conservative. I really wanted to say that they would see $5,000 per ounce in the next few years."

CITI bank and others have recently admitted that Gold would find the $2,000 per ounce price. "Its all about the dollar. You can't spend trillions of dollars on bailouts and not expect it to be inflationary. We haven't really seen the full impact this "borrowing" is having on the dollar. I think that hyper-inflation is a real possibility in the very near future." stated Mr. Drockton. "When it happened to pre-Nazi Germany,people were using wheelbarrows of currency to just buy a loaf of bread. I just don't see anyway we can avoid this same scenario in the U.S. The next big panic will come when people see whats happened to their retirement accounts and 401Ks. Gold will only shine that much brighter."

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MoneyTeachers.Org specializes in Online Consumer Educational Products. We teach consumers how to invest in stocks,bonds,mutual funds,real-estate,and gold and silver.We also offer a resume service and auto,home,life,long-term care ,disability courses.

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