Love Bug Protection for Cars, Trucks, RV's, and SUV's

Road Wrap can protect your vehicles paint against love bug damage
By: Buy Road Wrap
March 4, 2009 - PRLog -- There’s nothing greater than spending time with your family in a RV. Traveling on the road, going from one city to the next and leaving all the headaches behind you. People that have experience this say there’s no better way to bond with your family. All the  activities from fishing, biking, hiking, camping or just site seeing  while traveling are great ways to enjoy life. Everyone I know that experiences this says the worst part of RVing is getting home late at night with everyone tired knowing that in the morning you need to scrape and clean all of those love bugs off the front of your RV. Even the car that you’re  pulling gets road grime and bugs all over it. From every campsite to home this is always a problem particularly if you live in Florida, Mississippi, Alabama or Louisiana.

            The most convenient way to protect cars, trucks and  RV’s from bugs, tar, road grime and small rock chips is a paint film protection called Road Wrap. It’s a disposable car film that can be cut to fit any vehicle and left on for up to seven days. One roll of Road Wrap will wrap the front of an average size vehicle up to six times. It applies easily and removes cleanly.

Road Wrap can actually act as a bug shield against the acid in the bug guts that can damage your vehicles paint badly. This simple to apply and cost effective solution can help extend the life of your car paint and wax while ensuring that you don’t have to sacrifice style!

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