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Boxing training from Jeet Kune Do. For Craig Christian the trainer of Chris John.
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March 1, 2009 - PRLog -- Bismillah I write

My brother from other religion, do you wish to know about Jeet Kune Do?Saudara lain agama, maukah engkau tahu tentang Jeet Kune Do?

-   Box with your front hand more, that is your right hand, right lead more frequently, because that is the hand which hit opponent more than your rear hand with your Jabs and Hooks.

-   Use your hip a little bit more. Move your hand first before your front foot touches the ground. And do not clench/contract your fists until the moment of impact. And at that time you punch, after you step your front foot forward to hit the opponent, it is that your hands extend wholly to reach the target before your front foot touches the floor. That way you could transmute your weight more behind each punch.

-   The style of clenching fist vertically is very good for the punch which use the whole reach of the Boxer, help by the waist. Because it is help by the elbow, than the horizontal type form of clenching the fist (with the thumb lies horizontal). You must put your whole waist, hip and your whole body into it (the punch) as you must follow up the generator which are the waist and the hip with the punch, then snap it, and put all you energy in there and make the fist into a weapon.
When your Jab about to hit the target, then lift your front foot after your rear ball of foot.
In short, to get the picture, try to do the right long Hook: move your hand, and then when the fist going to reach the face of the opponent, suddenly move your front foot forward and the heel of the rear foot  cocks with the whole hip into it. This will produce more powerful and snappy long hook.
Actually the move of the whole hip will increase the acceleration of the punch already thrown to the air (which haven’t land).  

-    In the way of punching in Jeet Kune Do, they still use the knuckles, The whole hip should reach its full movement before the knuckles hit the opponent.
-   Is it logical that the hand which usually hit the target is the front hand, but the one use as the front hand is the weakest hand? He could weakens by hitting his opponent with his front right fist, and then change his stance into left lead and hit with the rear right hand, if he wanna KO the opponent.
-   Do the Circuit training which is useful for:

1.   Burns fat
2.   Sculpt the body. It is tightening the body, increase the muscle density. Because you use lower weight, moving in repetition fastly.
3.   It elevated the heart rate (drastically) for the body to comprehend and it helps to circulate the blood to whole body. Stamina could easily gone if you do not train in it.

Do the Sprint for 2 minutes & have a rest for 1 minute. Then do the Shadow boxing for 2 minutes & have a rest for 1 minute. Then do sit up for 2 minute & have a rest for 1 minute. Then do the rope skipping for 2 minute & have a rest for 1 minute. Do Push ups or Bench presses for 2 minutes & have a rest for 1 minute. Do Squat jump for 2 minutes & have a rest in 1 minute.

The Sequence could be change. In the Internet, Tao of Jeet Kune Do could be freely download.

-   Time factor (doing the Fitness routine in faster movement)  
-   Power=  strength x velocity (speed). Power is different than strength. Because Power is like the force of 200 Lbs, which done in fast speed will be more powerful than which done in slower speed.Power berbeda dengan strength.
-   The attributes (capability) is more important than the Mechanism of every movement. Which your movement succesful is the attributes you have, not other people’s movement.

-   The golden rule: ”Do not the do the movement which do not fear your opponent. So do the movement which already scared the opponent, although if then we score the opponent with another movement.

-   The Flexibility training must be done in the beginning of the training and at the cooling session. Breathe down to the stomach or to below the navel, this will cool your system down.
-   Do a lot of Shadow boxing for speed. Too many hitting the Heavy bag will produce bulk muscles, which could slow you down.
And bigger mass doesn’t mean that the muscle become more powerful.  

-   I praise the power of  how the Boxer punches. Saya memuji betapa kuatnya cara memukul Boxing. And the way of  Bruce Lee in punching is by pushing his body forward, by coiling your left foot to the ground and by loosening the front right foot while lowering it a little from its original position. His punch was release by the whole body especially the waist.
One large axis (waist) is longer than one small axis (shoulder) and the power increases after using the hip behind every punching, rather than only by shoulder and hand alone.
Already passed the talking about application of  body weight behind a Jab after the body and foot moving forward.
-   According to my Sifu Bruce Lee, as the concentration and the consciousness to our opponent become Auditory (hearing) and so too with your own movement, then your reflects and reaction will be more rapid. Such as making a voice while attacking and evading.
-   Block with a crossed hand, one upper and another lower.
    -    In defence, close your chin to your lead shoulder. Lift your lead shoulder upwards few inches and lower your chin few inches. The closer your chin is to your shoulder, then the stronger your defence is. They meet half way.
As for the defence of the stomach, the upper area, then exhale strongly when thou receive the punches of the opponent.

About transmutation system, Sifu Dan Inosanto told that Sifu Bruce Lee taught the slide shuffle, push shuffle, step on gas if necessary.

It is to find immobility in mobility. Fight with the ordinary force, and beat the opponent with the extraordinary force. Attack with an emotional content, as it could be seen in your mimic at the face, the Adrenalin (hormone of body which will double your power) will pump faster.

Ways of attack:

Simple angle attack, attacking by punching the hand of the opponent to immoblilize it, and progressive indirect attack with the beat of one- one-half.

Nothing could beat the Broken rhythm or the half beat.

For nutrition, eat the Brewers yeast, Cheddar cheese, drink the White germ oil, Olive oil, and Nigella Sativa (Black Cumin seeds).
Researches proven that consuming too many Proteins is bad for health. That also the same with too many consuming Calsium. Drinking milk too many will throw many Calsium instead of enhancing the absorption. Eating all kinds of  Vitamins and minerals will help the absorption of Calcium and Proteins.

The faster Jab is done like this Craig, head your fist diagonally to the face of the opponent. Its starting position is the side of the lower body with the knuckles facing the left if it is a right hand, and the knuckles facing the right if it is a left hand in its starting position, not facing forward.

Assalamu manit taba’al huda (May peace, development and safe from guilebe upon who follow the guidance).
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