Rock n’ Roll View Launches HD Music Videos Online

High definition music videos look better and sound better than standard or low definition music videos most common on the Internet.
Feb. 25, 2009 - PRLog -- Chattanooga, TN - Today, Rock n’ Roll View launched the beta version of HD Music Videos Online at, a new web site whose primary function is to serve up rock and heavy metal high definition music videos free to all lovers of the medium who have found it difficult to wade through the low definition video on popular video sites such as Youtube and Vimeo. Not only have we eliminated the low definition videos, but we’re only putting up videos that we think rock and heavy metal fans would enjoy. That means there will be an absence of rap and country music videos with a few select pop videos that cross over to rock.

The host of Rock n’ Roll View known as Drunken Bastard explained it this way, “Our foremost goal at Rock n’ Roll View is to help people enjoy their rock n’ roll a little more. It seemed like a logical extension of our model to start a HD music video site. We learned that visitors to our site really appreciate the HD and HQ videos that we offer. We think the best way to enjoy music video is in full 720p high definition. The Rock n’ Roll View site limited what we could serve up, so we started HD Music Videos Online just to cater to that audience. You’ll never turn on your 480i standard definition MTV again.”

Drunken Bastard went on to say, “Right now, we only have a limited number of videos up, but over the next couple of weeks, we intend to add much more content. In general, there aren’t tons of HD music videos available, but we have found enough to keep us busy adding to HD Music Videos Online for a little while. Thankfully, the fans of heavy metal and rock music are dedicated enough to upload videos that they have captured, or upconverted from old videos to HD. We won’t rely on the record companies to build a content base for our viewers.  Ironically, the higher quality audio should spur more CDs sales because of better audio resolution on CDs. There is plenty of Metallica (songs from St. Anger have been banned), Iron Maiden, Nirvana, Dave Matthews and many more to give us a base. As HD videos become more readily available, our content will grow and diversify.”

Rock n’ Roll View has made it easier for you to listen and watch the rock music that you love with HD Music Videos Online. Everyone is invited over to experience their music in full 720p HD. Not only does it look better, but it sounds better. Please visit often to see the new videos added and you are invited to send any suggestions that you may have.

For more information contact the Rock n’ Roll View editors at this email address: views at rocknrollview dot com. Visit HD Music Videos Online at

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