No Economic Slowdown for Legal Nurse Consultants- Who are they? Why do they make $100/hour?

As the economic forecast becomes more pessimestic for many, Legal Nurse Consultants are one group of professionals that still have their jobs in high demand, making $100-$150/hour. For more info you may go to
Feb. 20, 2009 - PRLog -- Most people may ask "What are Legal Nurse Consultants?" Nurses who are specially trained in the law, and hired by trial attorneys to analyze their complex medical cases. According to medical malpractice attorney, Donna Rooney,"Legal Nurse Consultants (LNCs) play an integral role in running a cost effective medical malpractice firm. LNCs should be able to understand enough law to determine if a case is meritorious or should be a turn-down."  

A bigger question in the minds of people is whether LNCs are still practicing nursing when they work in law firms, not in healthcare settings. Andrew Skavroneck, President of the LNC Educational Center, Charlotte, NC, believes LNCs are not a specialty of nursing because there is no statutory authority by the state boards of nursing to control nurses working in law firms. "Nurses obtain their standards of care and all legal duties to patients under the nurse practice act of their respective states. LNCs do not provide any nursing care, and do not have patients. The LNCs work side by side with trial attorneys, providing assistance to them. "

In this slow economy even nurses are being laid off, how is it LNCs are uneffected by the economy? President of the American Society of Legal Nurse Consultants (ASLNC), Karen Luttrell says medical malpractice lawsuits, and product liability suits are on the rise. Attorneys are busy and so are their LNCs." Luttrell sees first hand the demand for Legal Nurse Consultants are quite high.  The ASLNC receives requests for LNCs who have been certified through the ASLNC.  "We give attorneys free referrals to meet their needs for the best trained LNCs." According to Luttrell, "ASLNC offers the toughest certfication, it's the gold standard for LNCs."

The economy has been adversely effecting so many professions, yet the Legal Nurse Consultants remain unscathed. Attorney Rooney believes "the LNCs are an indispensible part of our litigation teams. Even though a recession has hit, most businesses have felt a dominos effect, but medical malpractice litigation remains uneffected.  Legal Nurse Consultants are paid $100-150 per hour,  and are more cost effective and more qualified than their counterparts, the doctors, who charge $400 per hour".    

Skavroneck opines "The demand for training Legal Nurse Consultants is still very high, and hopefully the demand for highly trained LNCs in law firms will continue".
LNC Educational Center, located in Charlotte, NC, is a national leader in legal training for healthcare professionals.

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LNC Educational Center is a national leader in legal training for healthcare professionals.
Nurses throughout the US utilize challenging legally based nursing courses on line.

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