Bella Dimayuga wins Peoples Choice Award Hall of Fame

Bella Dimayuga received the People''s Choice Award as Entertainment Hall of Fame, at the 27th People's Choice award ceremony. In the same event, The Philippine Juicy Fruits was awarded the People's Choice Seal of Excellence as Best Female Performers.
By: Bella Dimayuga
Bella Dimayuga and Juicy Fruits receiving awards
Bella Dimayuga and Juicy Fruits receiving awards
Feb. 15, 2009 - PRLog -- In Hockey if a player scores three goals in a single game it is called a HAT TRICK. In a fast paced low scoring sport like hockey, only the best can occasional accomplish a hat trick.  The 27th People's Choice Awards  was Bella's “rink” for scoring her own style of one. Bella received the People's Choice Award Seal of Excellence for Entertainment Hall of Fame. Prior to receiving her award Bella took the stage and belted out Liza Minelli version of Life is a Cabaret , waking up the audience and really got their attention with both her voice and dance.
The introduction stated that the list of accomplishments was so extensive that it is hard to believe that it was done by just one person. She was recognized as a icon in the industry having established herself in the hearts of millions with her dance and voice. Also Her drive that help established Filipino entertainers as globally recognized talent and her over seas placement efforts. The presenters stated that alone warrants the Hall of Fame status, but Bella is still at it. She was recognized for her current work in the industry, including the establishment of a training academy, management of the Bellestar dancers and Pinoy Pearl models, as well as hosting or MC of numerous events. Bella Dimayuga Productions A Event Management Company which she is president of is a full service event management company. whether  the event is a party, debut or a international convention, it can be managed by Bella. They also have a full range of gowns, costumes, catering to choose from in addition to the pool of talents that include Magicians, clowns, dragon shows, dancers, models, musical groups and top name entertainers.

Bella Dimayuga second score was with the Philippine juicy fruits. She conceptualized the Philippine Juicy Fruits to promote the Philippine and its talents by naming the group members after Philippine Juicy Fruits, - Makopa, Kaymito, Manga and Langka. This group of gorgeous, beautiful, talented and bright young ladies  have a powerful mixture of voices. There powerful and moving voices are complimented by graceful movements’ characteristic of the very best professional dancers. Their performances will hold the audience spellbound in awe of the combination of voice and dance. Which is exactly what they did prior to receiving their award. They performed their version of the popular song "Bohemian Rhapsody"  by Queen. The MC was in awe and lost track of where he was at the of the song. That about the same reaction Robert Rivera had when they first performed on his show last year. When the MC realized where he was he mentioned twice how difficult that song was and in a puzzled voice added “and they were dancing also”. This is not the first award for this young group, Barely three months after group was launched at Usec. Robert T. Rivera’s show Pilipinas Ngayon Na! , the group was awarded  the most promising group performer at the 2008 Asia-Pacific Global Excellence Award by the Asia-Pacific Council

Bella's third score and the hat trick is different then the rest. Shin  Dong Pa of Korea is known to millions of Filipino basketball fans  as a Basketball Superstar. Many regard him as the best player ever and hold him in high regard , even though he did lead the Korean National team in the 95 to 86 defeat of the Philippines team in the 1969 Asian Basketball Confederation finals scoring  50 points himself. That victory was also a turning point in Asian Basketball. Korea joined the Philippines as a basketball powerhouse. The Korean style of team work influence the future development of  teams worldwide. While having been retired from the active game  for years Shin Dong Pa has been Coach/Manager of the Korean Basketball National Womens team, manager of different Korean professional teams, Vice Director of  Basketball sports at SBS Networks, executive director of the KBA and  is currently  the Vice President of the KBA, Korea Basketball Association. Bella had been working on a promotional project with Uptown 21 a condominium project in  Quezon City which involved Shin. As the project progressed she was amazed at the number of people who lite up at his name. When she was told of her own award and of the date she realized that it overlapped the visit of Shin Dong Pa to Uptown 21. she felt that with the wide spread esteem he is held in as well as this year is the 40th anniversary of that historical game, it would be fitting if he was acknowledged with an award. Sparking some memory recall  from event organizer and some soft lobbying, the organization agreed.

Bella Dimayuga Productions's staff and associated talents are very proud of the recognition bestowed upon Bella and the Juicy Fruits. Bella has been an inspiration to thousands of aspiring talents.

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Bella Dimayuga Production is a full service event management company whether your event is a party or debut or a international convention, it can be managed by Bella. Based in Manila and subic Bay Philippines with operations in Guam and Las Vegas Nv USA

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