' Sherie Amore ' An Artist To Watch For In 2009

Houston, Tx , monday Feb 16,09--Hip/Hop / R&B songstress , Sherie Amore, 24, has been proclaimed to be one of the hottest artist to look for in 2009.
By: David Elile
Feb. 15, 2009 - PRLog -- Houston, Tx , Monday Feb 16,09--Hip/Hop / R&B  songstress , Sherie  Amore,  24, has  been  proclaimed  to  be  one of the hottest  artist  to  look  for  in  2009. This  beautiful  singer / songwriter,  whose  voice  is  as  endowed  and  lovely  as  the  pretty,  innocent,  but  yet,  sassy  look  on  her  face, possesses a spectacular style and swagger that would blow your mind.

Born  in  San Antonio,  she  moved  to  Houston , Tx.  Growing  up,  she  found  love for  music  and  the sky  was  the  limit!  With  influences  from  groups  like The O'Jays, Boys II  Men,  TLC,  Destiny's Child  to divas  as  Diana Ross,  Aretha Franklin,  Mariah Carey,   Whitney Houston,  Janet Jackson,  Sade,  to  crooners  such  as  Prince,   Michael  Jackson and  Lionel Richie  just  to  mention a  few, Sherie  Amore  started  singing  in  church  and   was  modeling  by  age  three.

"My  Mom  was  a  church  secretary, my  grandpas  were   deacons  and  my  uncles and cousins  were  preachers.  When  I'm  not  singing  in  church,  there  is  always  some  singing  function  to  go  to ."  Sherie  went  on  singing  in church and  winning  talent  shows  and  beauty  pageants.  Her  grandmother,  with  an  eye  for  style,  put  her  through charm  school,  private  vocal  lessons  and training  during  her  childhood .

Though  not quite  understanding  why  she  was  singing  and  learning  notes  instead  of  playing  outside,  Sherie  has converted  those  "back  in  he  day ",  evening  vocal  lessons  into  a  " modern day "  massive,  singing  voice.   Shortly after that,  she  started  getting  paid  gigs,  singing  at  weddings,  banquets,  neighborhood  socials   gatherings   and  even  singing  telegrams.  "One  day  my Spanish  teacher  asked  me  to  do  a  singing  telegram.  It  was  for  a  guy  she  was  so  into  and  was  friends,  but  she  wanted  to  proclaim  her  love. I  got  to  the  door and  he  was  so  shocked  at  this  lil  girl  with  this "BIG" voice.  They  later  got  together  and the rest  was  history."   

Sherie  continued  living  and  breathing  music,  only  to embark  on  singing  full time. Hard  work  finally  paid  off  as  her  efforts  were  noticed  on  BET  Teen  Summit,  her  first  national  exposure.  Through internet  and  audience  votes   she  saw  for  herself   that   the  world  was  ready   to  hear  her  music  and  they  loved  it!   Sherie Amore  was  loved  and  got   great  recommendations  by  the  likes  of  Fatman Scoop,  Shanice,  Ed  Lover,  and  Rodney  Jerkins.    

 After  this  attempt , Sherie  then   came  up  with  a  new  venture... working  with  upcoming  producers  by  blessing  their   tracks  with "Hot  hooks" making  it  easier  to sell  to local  rappers .   " It  was  a  pretty  good  hustle"  she  said , " I  was  always  around  the  studio,  so  its  always  some  rapper   that  needed  my  voice  on  a  track.  I  was  doing  at  least  three  to  four hooks  a  day  sometimes.  It  was fun,  plus, I  was  making  money  doing  it!  What  more  could  you  ask  for,  right?  lol ".

Singing  hooks  led  to  many  different  connections.  Sherie  was  invited  to  performed  at  the  Million  Family  March  with  minister  Louis  Farrakhan,  where  she  had  the  crowd  going.  She  decided  to  move  to Atlanta  where  she formed  a  couple  of  girl  groups  that  didn't  work  out,  it  was  there  she  started  working  with  an  upcoming  indie  label  as  a  ghost  writer.  As  a  solo  artist  Sherie  started  doing  local  shows  and  accepting  gigs  all over  from  Phoenix ,  Los Angeles,  DC and  Atlanta  areas.

Sherie  Amore has  since  then  opened  shows  for  major  artist  in  the  industry such like  3LW, Snoop Dogg,  Bow Wow, Eric Benet,  and  the  list  goes  on.  Her  songs  have  been  in  rotation  on Music  Choice  Network,  Satellite  and  local radio  airwaves,  and  on various  mix-tapes  with  sponsors  from  Smirnoff  Ice.

  Sherie Amore  has  a  mind  of  creativity,  unique  trendiness,  flexible  style and  is  very  passionate  and  dedicated  to  her  craft.  Championed  by  the  likes  of  Lauryn  Hill,  Gwen Stefani  and  Nelly Furtado , her  sweet  and  down  to  earth  personality  is  what  takes  you  there.  She uses  the  power  within  her  music  and  sound  to  help  young  women  be  strong , realize  the  essence  of  life  and  have  fun  while  doing  it!    "To  me,  singing  is  like  blood,  it  runs  through  my  veins  and  I  get  a rush  out  of  it!  I  just  want  to  make  good,  fun  music  that makes  people  happy.  That  is  what  " really  matters "  at  the  end  of  the day."  

Currently  signed  to  Cranium  Records,  Inc.,  Sherie  Amore  is  currently  working  on  her  debut   album  which  is  due  for  summer.  Album  has  been  said  to  feature  production  from upcoming  and  the  most  innovative  names  in  the  industry.  Sherie  Amore  has  been  defined  as  "HOT"  as  we  look  forward  to  a  sound  that  will  keep  the  radios  and  club  speakers   blazin'  in  the ' 09.
For  more  information  on  sherie  Amore,  go  to www.myspace.com/sherieamoremusic,  www.myspace.com/craniumrecordsinc .

About Cranium Records,Inc.
Cranium  Records, Inc  is  a  fast  growing  indie  record  label  founded  by  music  producer / songwriter  Gabriel Da Veenie  in  year  2005. The  label  boasts  a  lineup  of  artist  that  would  make  some  future  impact  in  the  music industry. For  information  about  Cranium  Records, Inc  please  go  to www.myspace.com/craniumrecordsinc.

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About Cranium Records,Inc
Cranium Records, Inc is a fast growing indie record label founded by music producer / songwriter Gabriel Da Veenie in year 2005. The label boasts a lineup of artist that would make some future impact in the music industry. For information about Cranium Records, Inc please go to www.myspace.com/craniumrecordsinc.

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