Centron Diesel Fuel Enhancer is Arguably the Best All-Around Diesel Fuel Additive in the Market

Do not become complacent due to softening fuel prices. The need for high quality, well engineered diesel fuel additives has never been greater or more important.
By: RMM Marketing
Feb. 15, 2009 - PRLog -- Do not become complacent due to softening fuel prices.  The Need for High Quality, Well Engineered Diesel Fuel Additives has Never Been Greater or More Important.

Years of research and development has resulted in a comprehensive benefit package for diesel fuel that is unmatched in the marketplace.  Centron Diesel Fuel Enhancer provides 4 proven solutions to the growing problems related to diesel fuel to ensure your vehicle or equipment is running on superior performing, problem free diesel fuel:

1. Preventative Maintenance / Protection against Fuel Related Problems
2. Increased Power & Performance
3. Increase Fuel Economy by over 10%
4. Reduce Toxic Exhaust Emissions by up to 50%

Centron is a Patented Multifunctional Distillate Fuel Additive that is “PROVEN” to
Provide the Following “All in One” Performance & Preventative Maintenance benefits:
> Increase Fuel Economy by 10%+
> Reduces visible exhaust & toxic harmful emissions by 30% -  50%
> Acts as a lubricant providing "top oil" lubricity to protect vital engine parts (ULSD)
> Fuel injector & fuel system cleaner…reduces carbon & EGR soot buildup
> Increases horsepower with cetane boost of up to 8 points
> Contains emulsifiers to remove moisture
> Acts as an algaecide to maintain fuel integrity
> Acts as a corrosion inhibitor
> Acts as a fuel stabilizer to reduce contamination
> Acts as a cold flow inhibitor preventing cold weather gelling
> Lowers fuel surface tension affecting a more complete fuel burn
> Reduces maintenance cost & extends equipment life

Even better Centron pays for itself through fuel & maintenance cost savings 3-7 times over.  

Centron Diesel Fuel Enhancer is truly “Tomorrow’s Fuel Technology Today”
One Product, One Price, Unmatched Benefits, Pays for itself plus Pays You!

To learn more about Centron visit www.myfuelpartner.com  or call toll free: 866-510-0739. Email: sales@myfuelpartner.com

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Centron's Gas & Diesel Fuel additives are EPA registered, SAE / EPA tested and PROVEN over 7 years & 300 million miles to improve performance, reduce maintenance costs, increase fuel economy and lower toxic exhaust emissions.
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