Bad Employment References can Kill.

With unemployment hitting record highs can you really afford to waste interview opportunities?
By: Victor Williams
Jan. 29, 2009 - PRLog -- With unemployment hitting record highs can you really afford to waste interview opportunities?  We hear over and over from our customers, they went on great interviews; everything went well, they were shown the area where they will be working and then a letter saying the position has been filled.  When they left the office, the potential employer said they wanted to check their employment references.  That is when the interview process came to a dead stop for them.  

The moral to this story, you really need to know what your former boss is saying about you.  Four different outcomes are available from your former boss.  1.  Good Reference, They say glowing things about you and assist in your job search.  2.  Bad Reference, They say things about you that are direct and negative about you.  3.  Indifferent Reference, they say that company policy prohibits them from giving any information out about former employees. 4. Code Speak, they single you out by saying, “oh her, I was told I can’t comment on her.” or “litigation prevents us from commenting on him”.  

If you really want to set yourself apart from others on an interview, have your references checked by an independent third party and bring the report to your interview with you.  Most HR departments hate doing reference checks.  It is a necessary evil of the selection process.  Help them do their job by providing them with your references.  It will also help the people you are listing as a reference.  How many times can you expect your former employer to pick up the phone and say great things about you? (If that is what they are doing)  In today’s economy, candidates are going on many more interviews to find jobs.  If you go on 20 interviews, do you want 20 prospective employers calling your previous employer for information?  Bring your completed employee reference check reports on the interview and ask they call only when you have reached the final stage of the decision process.

You take the time to write a resume, cover letter, pick out your best outfit, prepare for the interview, etc.  Don’t leave the most important piece to chance.  Know what your references are saying about you before you give names and numbers to prospective employers.

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CheckMyReference calls on former employers to check employment references for job seekers. Know what your former boss is saying about you.
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