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With these simple but very effective free marketing methods, Nathan Hilton can show you how to seo rankings your content and videos on the first page of Google as well as other popular search engines.
Your Marketing Friend Nathan Hilton
Your Marketing Friend Nathan Hilton
Jan. 29, 2009 - PRLog -- SEO Rankings: the Life Blood of your free internet marketing traffic.  You can promote your websites in social clubs, video channels, as well as content pages and be able to drive traffic.  However, learning the secrets to making all of your social clubs, channels, and content "seo rankings" friendly will be the ultimate website traffic source.  

The basis of this {seo rankings} technique is called Attraction Marketing.  By setting up your clubs and channels to invite interested visitors will produce higher page views and conversions.  To do this, first of all, you need to be a member of the common social clubs.  Nathan Hilton suggests joining MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and Skype.  There are more but these are the most important.  Now, one thing to keep in mind is to avoid trying to sell in your profiles.  The idea is to make friends and relationships; you will be surprised on how much more interest you will gather when there isn't a program or product waived in their face.  To help in your Seo Rankings remember to use your brand name and a short video of yourself, about yourself.  Search engines love video.

In your video channels you can also utilize very effective (seo rankings) methods.  By placing your brand name in the title and description of the channel, in the title of your videos, and in all the tags you will help rank your channel in the search engines.  Another tip, is you could also add your targeted keywords along with your brand name as well, for example, if you are marketing Light Fixtures your targeted caption could be -Nathan Hilton's Many Light Fixture Styles-.  And then you would want to fill your channel with videos offering the many different fixtures styles and valuable information about them.  Again, you are not trying to sell in your videos, just use them to maximize [seo rankings] and promote the website that actually does sell the product.

With content like articles, press releases, and blogs, your objective is to provide good quality information that will make your readers want to find out more.  Then, at the bottom of the content is where you will place the link leading to your website.  Ways to make your content |Seo Rankings| friendly is to be sure to use your keyword; light fixture as used above; in the title of your content, sprinkled throughout the content, and then at the end as well.  Be sure not to go overboard, a good rule of thumb is once but no more than twice per paragraph.  You can also place your brand name in their a few times as well.

With all of these methods together you will be able to place yourself and your content all over the search engines, and more importantly, your website in the eyes of more potential buyers.

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