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Are rules at your school making you crazy? Compared with some schools, maybe you don’t have it so bad. A recent survey came up with 81 dumb schools rules, and here they are: 1. No wearing chains on pants. I feel bad for the goths, well kinda...
By: Allan Higbee
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Jan. 21, 2009 - PRLog -- Are rules at your school making you crazy? Compared with some schools, maybe you don’t have it so bad. A recent survey came up with 81 dumb schools rules, and here they are:
1. No wearing chains on pants. I feel bad for the goths, well kinda. The reason this rule was made is someone got the chain on their pants caught on a rail and they fell off (the pants?)
2. No running on the field
3. No bringing lions to school. So you can bring elephants and tigers to school, but no lions?
4. No dyed hair
5. No ripped clothing
6. No holes above the knee
7. No blood related stuff
8. All shirts must be at least t-shirts, and cannot go above the waistline. (damn)
9. No throwing snowballs
10. No pets
11. No cameras
12. No bathroom time
13. No drink time
14. No running in the hall
15. No pets in school
16. No talking in class
18.  When your arms are at your side they can’t touch any skin
19. All cell phones/MP3 players should stay in your locker. If one goes off in class, you’ll never see it again.
20. No running in the hall
21. No cutting in line
22. No touching the computer in the Principal’s office
23. Don’t scrape the paint off the rails
24. Don’t draw on the desks/walls (gets ignored anyway)
25. No smoking (ignored rule)
26. No drinking (also ignored)
27. No playing cards/gambling during class hours
28. No using the computers without supervision of a teacher (Like they’d supervise anyway)
29. No picking of fruits on campus. (totally ignored)
30. No fishing in the nearby pond
31. Don’t run in the classrooms
32. No facial hair
33. Guys are not allowed to wear earrings
35. No sleeves shorter than 4 inches long
36. No plain white t-shirts because it’s “gang-related”. Come on. This is North Carolina. Tell me where the damn gangs are. Please.
37. No wearing all red or all blue (or any gang color)
38. No hats, unless it is a school one (actually, nothing can be worn on the head)
39. No one can leave campus for lunch
40. Students who can drive have to park in a certain area
41. No one can be in the stairways during lunch (people have been caught making out and . . . doing it)
42. No wearing pants with creases or something (somehow gang related)
43. No male hair longer than the collar
44. No skirts a credit-card length above the knee
45. No khakis
46. No cargos
47. Uniform must be worn correctly at all times. No disassembled uniforms
48. The only retarded rule is . . . no hugging. I  mean, what the heck? Hand-holding is allowed. But not hugging. I mean . . . sheesh.
49. No going on gaming sites
50. No ability to stay inside on Wednesdays, no matter how cold it is
51. No spiked jewelry
52. No clothing resorting to violence (funny, my friend got in trouble for wearing a Zelda shirt that had a PIXEL sword on it, yet I manage to get away with wearing a sweatshirt with a pic of a guy’s face blowing up)
53. No MySpace accounts (seriously. If the school finds out you have a MySpace, they sometimes fricken call your parents, even though that’s illegal)
54. OMG. They make us take the school ID’s and wear them around our necks
55. I can top you all with two words : School Uniform. Crap black trousers with a shirt where ALL of the buttons have to be done (including cuffs), tie must have thirteen stripes exactly. No more than two badges on your blazer, shirt must be tucked in, skirts must be . . . (I’m not a girl so I don’t know exactly) long
56. Most websites are blocked. Games, Forums (except ZU!), buying sites, MySpace, Bebo, MSN messenger, downloading sites such as Photobucket (that sent my Christmas present straight to Hell)
57. No bags in the dinner hall
58. Stand up for 5 seconds at the end of assembly then sit down (respect or something)
59. No chewing gum
60. Always wear your correct uniform
61. Riding a scooter down a flight of stairs is not allowed or tolerated
62. No axe in school
63. You’re not allowed to not buy lunch in school if you don’t want to eat
64. There are water fountains in each class, but you can’t use them
65. I hate it when the teachers say “Get down form the flag pole”
66. It is forbidden to wear a tie other than that of you Company (House)
67. Ties knots must be no lower than the second button
68. No tailored shirts (girls)
69. Shirts must be tucked in at all times (No one follows this)
70. No trainers (sneakers), shoes must be jet black including the sole.
71. Use of the reception stairs is forbidden (because once someone rode down them on a bench)
72. No logos unless they are under the size of a half-dollar
73. Must wear a belt at all times
74. There are no school rules on my campus except one: no cheating
75. No Popping Bags EVER
76. No wearing flipflops
77. No wearing PJ’s (although people still do)
78. No Spaghetti Strap tops
79. No muscle shirts
80. Eating is only permitted in the cafeteria
81. I always listen to my iPod during tests, and all students bring their cell phones to school Of course we are not allowed to bring drugs to the school, but very few people do, and it’s not really a big problem here in Norway.

How do the rules at your school stack up against these? Maybe you don’t have it so bad after all.

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