Xeequa and Integrated mar.com (publishers of eChannelLine) close Million Dollar Social Media Deal

Xeequa to build 10,000 online communities for Integrated mar.com
By: Xeequa Corp, Marita Roebkes
Jan. 5, 2009 - PRLog -- Palo Alto-based Xeequa Corp. and Toronto, Canada based Integrated mar.com report closing a social media deal worth $1 Million where Xeequa is to build initially 10,000 online community for integrated mar.com’s top high tech reseller subscribers. A patent pending content dissemination system shall provide content from Integrated mar.com via connected channel partner communities to Millions of end users.

Robert Cohen, Integrated mar.com president stated that “Helping our readers be more successful is the key to our own success. For this reason, through the Trusted Business Advisor program, we are providing them with a free suite of marketing and sales tools that is guaranteed to grow their business. This deal with Xeequa is an integral part of this program.” Axel Schultze, Xeequa CEO: ”This is one of the largest corporate social media initiatives in the industry. The old way of attracting customers with cold calls and advertising is making way to a new more social and more trusted relationship building process.” The project marks a milestone in the social media industry where many product providers still struggle to monetize their tools through advertising supported business models.

The Xeequa based online communities will help the resellers to build a better customer experience for their clients and their market. The communities can be fully integrated in the reseller’s websites to let their customers share experience, provide feedback, and help each other based on their respective level of expertise. The communities includes blogs, discussion forums, event listings, video library, social networking and will receive latest content through the Trusted Business Advisor program.

Since 1980, Integrated mar.com has been providing almost 200,000 channel partners in the high tech industry in North America with the relevant daily news they need to know and have provided 350 vendors with leading edge channel marketing strategies and implementation. By deploying 10,000 communities, Integrated mar.com invests in their channel base, representing leading brands, to provide content through their partners to the partners respective end customers. “Through this program we will reach millions of IT decision makers in small and mid size businesses by enabling our subscribers to leverage Xeequa’s online community technology. Channel partners are looking for social media solutions but don’t have the time or content required to develop them on their own. We have the content and provide the partners with the right social media solution.” States Robert Cohen from Integrated mar.com.

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@Xeequa CEO @AxelS says “largest corporate social media initiative”. http://xeeURL.com/PR001 #X09

10,000 Xeequa based online communities are due to go live starting in January says @AxelS http://xeeurl.com/PR001 #X09

High tech vendors will find new ways to better communicate with their partner related installed customer base. http://xeeurl.com/PR001 #X09

Non advertisial content is key to success with end user communities states Xeequa CEO @Axels building 10,000 communities. #X09

Attracting customers with cold calls and advertising is making way to social and trusted relationship building process says @AxelS  #X09

Xeequa CEO @AxelS available on Twitter for questions related to the 10,000 community media release http://xeeurl.com/PR001  01/05 11:00 am PT #X09


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About Integrated mar.com
Since 1980, Integrated mar.com has assisted 350 IT companies in the development and implementation of strategic go-to-market (direct, channel, hybrid) programs. The company accumulated a large portion of channel marketing experience in terms of longevity; number of companies we have worked with; and scope of services provided.

Over the past 27-years Integratedmar.com has developed the intellectual property, channel marketing experience, databases, alliances, reputation as true channel advocates; publications; programs; tools, necessary skill sets, staff and management team. Robert Cohen, president and business editor of Integrated mar.com, is considered to be one of the world's leading channel marketers.

The companies mandate is to provide Vendors with an end-to-end suite of effective, cost efficient channel marketing vehicles; tools and programs with a measurable ROI.
More information can be found at http://www.integratedmar.com

About Xeequa
Xeequa is an enterprise social media software provider. The company’s Social Business Suite helps corporations to create a better business experience for their customers, prospects and partners by setting up a trustful presence in the so called social web.
Xeequa helps businesses to better interact with their customers and partners through a network of branded online communities including a comprehensive series of integrated social media tools. A series of patent pending innovations include measuring of social capital value, large scale content dissemination and new partner and alliance empowerment. Xeequa is the first social media solution that provides measurement and control needed for a corporate social media initiative.

The advertising free Software as a Service (SaaS) is subscription based and scales from small businesses to global enterprises. Xeequa has representation in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

More info on http://www.xeequa.com or 1-650-384-0057

The privately held company is based in Palo Alto, CA

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