Roller Derby Owned Businesses Aim to Bring Attitude of the Track To the Streets

For three rollergirl owned businesses, tough financial times aren't necessarily a walk in the park -- more like a skate on the track.
Dec. 29, 2008 - PRLog -- Phoenix, AZ -- Times are tough, but there are a handful of business owners who are even tougher.  On the track, these entrepreneurs are ruthless rollergirls, skating fast and hitting hard.  They have great names (Aurora Gory Alice, Lusty Crush, Ivanna S. Pankin, B-Train) and bad tempers.  Simply put, they are larger-than-life.  And, while some rollergirls have alter-egos on the track, these businesswomen make a living being rock 'n' rollers.  They ooze derby attitude and have made it their business to share the wealth.  Their businesses offer skaters and non-skaters alike the opportunity to develop and embrace their alter-egos with products that say "Look at me," while at the same time growl "What the f*#k are you looking at?"  Aurora Gory Alice, owner of Lust & Gore Hardwear says, "The roller derby attitude feels good.  It sort of feels like being an indestructible superhero, or super-villain."

While the economy sucks the lifeblood out of many small businesses, these women push forward knowing that now, more than ever, people need an escape.  Their businesses, Lust & Gore Hardwear, Rink Rash Skatewear, and Sin City Skates, all sell products that offer that feel-good opportunity in a national climate of feel-bad circumstances.  They also deliver a unique shopping experience that comes from buying attitude from skaters overflowing with it.  And, lucky us, they all seek to deliver their slugs & kisses with distinctly different offerings.  Between the three, there is something for everyone.
Lust & Gore Hardwear ( owners, Aurora Gory Alice and Lusty Crush, customize cowboy hats, military caps, and make original jewelry designs -- all with industrial-strength hardware.  There is no subtlety, no whispering cool, or quiet confidence with Lust & Gore Hardwear.  That's not the point.  For this Phoenix-based business, the mission is to make personalized hats and original jewelry that will be seen and envied.  "Lust & Gore wares don't hint at who you are, they scream," says Lusty.  Aurora adds, "If you're wearing Lust & Gore and people aren't staring, it's because they're scared."  This is probably true. It's hard to explain, but Lust & Gore Hardwear designs just feel like bikers, rockers, and tattooed pin-up girls.  It's a good feeling.  Buy it you like.  Wear it if you can.

Rink Rash Skatewear ( brings roller derby attitude to its customers using a more direct approach, by helping them look like skaters. Rink Rash Skatewear, based in Orange County, California, and owned and operated by KelKat, Strychnine, and B-Train of the OC Roller Girls, was created to be a one stop roller derby apparel store.  They offer hot pants, mini skirts, thigh highs, fishnets, and everything in between.  And, because roller derby skaters are as diverse as the sport is unconventional, Rink Rash even offers larger sizes of many hot derby styles.  They also customize.  Need a name or number on your shirt? Holler. Need a logo printed anywhere and woddf everywhere? Rink Rash Skatewear's got your back and they've got it for prices that don't trip you, whip you, and rip you a new one (though the same can't be said for the owners if they meet you on the track).  Finally, if you skate on a team or roll with a posse, Rink Rash will work with you to find the perfect uniform at the best possible price.  Skater or non-skater, these are the women who deliver good clothes for bad girls at prices that don't break the bank.

Sin City Skates ( was started in Las Vegas, Nevada back in 2005 to fill a void. The fire of passion for the sport of roller derby had, once again, been lit in women around the world.  A comeback had started and Ivanna S. Pankin, owner of Sin City Skates, knew that there should be a skate shop that understood the growing bands of wheeled warriors and could meet their unique needs. Along with Trish the Dish, Ivanna started delivering skates and skate-related gear to roller derby skaters around the world.  Their prices and service were an embodiment of their slogan, "We give a f*ck."  That's derby slang for care and concern, and they deliver it to non-derby skaters as well.  With the right skates, some pads (See?  They really do care!), and some Rink Rash apparel, you can be skating away the weight you can't afford to lose at the gym anymore while, at the same time, saving the earth via your cool alternative transportation.  "And," Ivanna adds, "if you knock someone down while you're skating, jest tell them you're practicing."  Nothing delivers roller derby attitude like strapping the skates on.  So, if you are ready to roll, Sin City Skates is the shop with the personalized service to set you up right.

At a time when it seems that the world is supplying a steady stream of reasons to feel down, there are three rollergirl owned and operated businesses offering you the goods to fuel your fiery and fun attitude.  Do yourself a favor and check them out.  Grab some gear and follow their lead.  Don't feel bad. Feel badass.

Aurora Gory Alice, Owner, Lust & Gore Hardwear

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Lust & Gore Hardwear is a rollergirl (roller derby) owned and operated business that customizes cowboy hats, military caps, and makes original jewelry designs -- all from industrial-strength hardware.

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