Does Rich Internet Marketers Know Something Special?

They were the same because in both cases. He found me in a world where there were tens of thousands of people offering to sell others information on how to finally break free of the rat-race and create their own outrageously profitable businesses.
By: Swati Sidhu
Dec. 27, 2008 - PRLog -- They were the same, because in both cases, most of the people marketing this information had never achieved any major success at what they were teaching. For more information visit to:www.mrx-interview.comHowever, things turned out drastically different for me the second time around. HE was actually able to achieve my goals, and I'd like to share with you how and why that happened

One of the first things HE was taught was that HE needed a radical shift in my belief system of what IS possible. Our belief of what we can accomplish is framed by what relatives and those around us have done. We need to frame it in terms of what those who have accomplished much more have done.

That re-framing occurred as HE talked to online millionaires and saw how they actually viewed the world and interacted with it. My mentors and coaches had me feed my mind information and proof of what was possible. They had me totally saturate myself in the material, to the extent that even now HE listens to it on my MP3 player while out jogging... it takes my mind off of the pain :-)

Here's the most significant discovery HE made about what's happening in the online world... The real money online is being made by those selling real world products that solve problems.

The real money online is being made by those who educate their markets and then make it easy for them to buy. That's the most effective sales technique. Teach them and in the process bring them to the conclusion that your product is the only logical choice.

It's a FACT that people use the Internet to research topics of interest and to comparison shop. Then they often buy the item that they've researched offline. If your website is the one that educates them, and helps make the research easy, they'll flock to your website. It's that simple. While there, they may purchase the item of interest from you :-)

Another point that many online marketers are really missing is that people go online to buy ordinary tangible things! For more info login to one of my friend bought an motor home (sight-unseen) over EBay, that shocked me. When HEheard that over 5 BILLION dollars worth of vehicles are sold over Ebay annually, that enlightened me.

People love to shop, and they get tremendous pleasure out of buying things for themselves and their loved ones. Offer them what they're looking for and they'll purchase it from your website. They purchase everything from cars and clothing, to computers and software, to books, to pet supplies, to vitamins and supplements, to flowers, and even houses over the Internet. If you're offering these items, in the right way, you will do very well!

If you need proof of what HE has just stated, read the book, Success Alert. It was written by my friend, John Evans, who interviewed over 60 people making up to eighteen million a year doing just what HE described

The very powerful examples in this book will make a believer out of many. They will show you how people are quietly making millions providing people with tangible products that they WANT.

This book won't totally solve the problem for everyone. There will still be those who will say, "Yeah, they did it, but HE can’t." Some even go as far as to imply that God doesn't want them to succeed in a big way. They believe that they are intended to suffer and never break out of the struggle.
Source:Swati Sidhu
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