Virtual Building Logistics attains cost savings with Building Information Modeling Tools

Through the use of 3D, 4D, and 5D Buiding Information Modeling Tools, Virtual Building Logistics attains significant project cost savings for Owners, Developers, and General Contractors in today's Global Enviroment.
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Dec. 23, 2008 - PRLog -- Attaining Cost Savings in today’s construction market can be a difficult task. As Owners, Developers, and General Contractors look to engage large scale construction projects there is a large amount of apprehension to say the least. Multiple elements such as financing, material cost, labor cost, and future energy consumption weigh heavily on the decision to go forward with Private and Public projects. Having a resource that not only has the opportunity to bring a significant cost savings to a project, when implemented correctly, but also a greater understanding of the project by all parties can be a deal maker.  

Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools implemented by Virtual Building Logistics are the resources Owners, Developers, and GC’s can access to ascertain better understanding, collaboration, coordination, and efficiency resulting in overall cost and time savings. BIM is a lifecycle tool not only a design tool. Whereas 2 dimensional CAD or paper drawings show a blueprint of a proposed project to be built, BIM allows the project to be looked at in its 3 dimensional As-Built form. This As-Built Model is significant in the fact that the construction industry is one of the only industries that builds a full size prototype for every project and delivers it to the Owner. By performing the construction of the prototype from a 2D format issues are resolved in reactive (as they become an problem) bases rather than a proactive (before they become an problem) bases.  The 3D Model allows for issues to be resolved in the proactive format. By designing the project as an As-Built 3D Model or proto-type it allows for a better understanding of the finished product and the roles different contractors are going to perform, resulting in fewer requests for information (RFI’s), a better knowledge of the build phases, resulting in faster delivery times.

The Virtual Building Logistics BIM teams strive to bring cost savings to there clients utilizing state of the art BIM tools and technology. With a depth of understanding of the construction industry through years of hands on construction experience VBL has an unduplicated resume of case studies in project savings ( This construction field experience allows for a better understanding of build requirements, build phases, and the breadth of knowledge needed to perform in today’s build environment. By coordinating the build team through the AS-Built Model, VBL along with the General Contractor proactively resolve issues before they become “problems” and allow the project time line to be adhered to and in most cases improved.

The cost savings benefit to the Owner and the Developer can be exponential through the information embedded in the model over the life cycle of the project from the build phase to the Facilities Management phase. By taking the information embedded into the Model and linking it to CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management Software) the VBL team can hand over a tool to the Owner/Developer that will generate cost savings for the full life cycle of the project and not just the build cycle.  A one stop source of materials used, mechanical systems in place, maintenance records, and warranty information are just a few of the resources that can be made available through the model and CMMS. Trying to ascertain this information in paper format can be tedious, time consuming, and redundant but having the information built into this As-Built Model and CMMS by all involved parties can be resource with great cost savings potential.

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Virtual Building Logistics is a Global provider of Building Information Modeling or (BIM). BIM converts 2D paper or CAD based specifications into 3D renderings allowing for better communication through project lifecycle.
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