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Graeme S Houston's new publishing company, Mythica, aims to break the mould and offers both new and experienced authors the opportunity to join him in his new and exciting publishing venture.
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Dec. 23, 2008 - PRLog -- Formerly the head of Stargazer Publishing, Graem S Houston has recently launched his new, Scotland-based compnay Mythica  He aims to attract both new and existing authors to the fold and seeks to break away from the stranglehold of the larger publishers who may have fixed and entrenched ideas about what is and isnot publishable. Already accepted for publication are works by Harry Porter, Juan Pablo Jalisco and Gladys Hobson, all experienced and highly readable exponents of their art. Titles include 'Arcadia 22 Heavy - Mayday!'  'Of Aztecs and Conquistadors' and 'When Angels Lie.'

Mythica offer authors a generous royalty rate under a traditional format with no fees payable at any time by the author. Concentrating initially on electronic (e-book) publishing, Mythica hopes to move into print publication as and when the business grows to accomodate the move.

The company has also recruited an experienced award-wining thriller author to fill the role of Mystery/Thriller Consultant Editor and hopes to expand its list of titles greatly in the coming months.

Mr. Houston is quoted as saying of his new venture:

"The publishing industry is dominated by larger publishers who sell 90% of all the books sold in the world. Because they are so large, they have to sell something like £12,000 worth of each title just to be profitable. That means they’re interested in books that they believe to be marketable. The big publishers are always after a best seller. We aren’t saddled with that burden, and as a result we’re looking for books that are good, well written, fun to read, interesting, different, difficult, or even challenging. Indeed we’re after anything written by someone who did it for the love of the art itself. Conversely, we won’t make you rich; all we can do is try to help you make a name for yourself."

Mythica Publishing is currently open to submissions in all genres and interested authors should visit the company's website at

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About Mythica Publishing

Mythica Publishing Limited has been set up to provide the very best fiction. While the mainstream publishing industry languishes, due to the pursuit of best sellers, the rest of us know where the best books come from these days. Independent publishers and small presses are where new and exciting authors are finding their feet, and shaking up the industry. As a small publisher, Mythica Publishing is not encumbered by the massive overheads that throttle larger publishers. Because of this we are able to publish work that deserves to be published, not just the stuff that’s profitable. Please help us and our authors by purchasing our books or joining our community, so that we can in turn continue to put out compelling fiction and fascinating non-fiction.

There is no particular genre that we love more than the others, and we give everything a fair chance. We also like to see books that laugh in the face of categorisation!

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