Diesel Fuel Additive Centron is Saving Fleets $1,000's in Fuel & Maintenance Costs

Since implementing Centron in Oct 2008 a Major Food Distribution Fleet reported a fuel economy increase of over 10% and net fuel savings of over $27k in just 7 weeks of use.
By: R. Miller
Dec. 21, 2008 - PRLog -- During these uncertain economic times there is increased pressure to implement cost saving strategies and protect bottom line profits.   Diesel Fuel can be a company’s largest expense and is becoming even more costly with the quality of diesel fuel steadily declining. The decline in fuel quality has been occurring for the past 20 years however has recently accelerated due to:

 Rougher grades of fuel oil are being extracted
 Producers are taking shortcuts with refining
 The best crude is being used for gasoline, jet fuel & other chemical products
 The removal of sulfur (ULSD) has resulted in reduced fuel economy and increased system wear  

The end result of lower quality diesel fuel is poor combustion efficiency, hard starting, detonation wear, poor lubricity causing excessive wear on vital engine parts. Also, bacterial growth, fuel contamination, gelling, filters plugging, lost fuel economy & higher exhaust emissions. The end result is diminished performance & higher maintenance costs. Repair statistics show that 90% of diesel engine problems stem from contaminated or poor quality fuel. With the potential of eliminating 9 out of 10 failures diesel users are turning to “PROVEN” fuel additives for enhanced performance and precaution against diesel fuel related problems.

Centron Diesel Fuel Enhancer is a Patented Fuel Treatment that provides a Comprehensive Solution to problems associated with Diesel Fuel. Centron’s all-inclusive benefit package is unmatched in the marketplace in four key areas that are critical to Superior Performing, Problem Free Diesel Fuel. Of further benefit the Proven Fuel & Maintenance Cost Savings that Centron produces pays for the cost of Centron 3 to 7 times over. The unsurpassed benefits of Centron include:
1. Preventative Maintenance / Protection against Fuel Related Problems
2. Increased Power & Performance
3. Fuel Savings
4. Reduced Toxic Exhaust Emissions

1. Preventative Maintenance / Protection against Fuel Related Problems
• Provides Top Oil lubricity to protect vital engine parts from accelerated wear
• Powerful detergent cleans fuel, fuel injectors, pump & bulk/onboard tanks
• Reduces carbon buildup & EGR soot loading
• Stabilizer reduces contamination, improves oxidation and thermal stability
• Contains emulsifiers that separate & help remove moisture from fuel
• Prevents Corrosion protecting fuel tanks, fuel lines and engine components
• Algaecide maintains fuel integrity, prevents fuel contamination
• Cold flow improver reduces the risk of icing, filter plugging and gelling

2. Increased Power & Performance
• Patented Technology lowers fuel surface tension resulting in a more complete and powerful combustion
• Increases horsepower by 5%+
• Cetane boost of up to 8 points increases power, torque & acceleration
• Improves ignition quality, eliminates diesel knocks & hard starts
• Reduces engine load & RPM’s

3. Fuel Savings
• Proven to reduce fuel consumption by 8% - 20%
• Hydrocarbon enhancer affects a more complete & efficient fuel burn
• Powerful detergents keep fuel injectors, fuel pump & fuel system clean and functioning at peak performance
• Cetane boost provides more complete combustion, improved start-ups, idling and acceleration
• Increased horsepower requires less engine load & RPM
• Lab & field tested w/over 7 years & 300 million miles of documented results

4. Reduced Toxic Exhaust Emissions
• Reduces exhaust emissions HC, NOx, CO, CO2, PM & Opacity by up to 50%
• Cleaner fuel burn reduces smoking, soot & vapor exhaust
• EPA, SAE & Field Tested
• Reduces EGR Soot Loading & is Diesel Engine Safe: Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Ford, GMC, Isuzu, International, John Deere, Mercedes, Volvo

“Centron Fuel Enhancer’s Broad Range of Unmatched Benefits Makes it the Top Choice for Preventative Maintenance, Increased Performance, Fuel Cost Savings and Precaution Against Diesel Fuel Related Problems”

Eliminate concerns regarding diesel fuel related problems forever!  Facilities with onsite bulk fuel storage can now purchase Centron for just $.10 per treated gallon. Centron is “Proven” to deliver a return of 3-7 times its cost or $.30 - $.70 per gallon fuel savings along with problem free, superior performing diesel fuel.  

Your equipment deserves the best treatment. To learn more about Centron please visit www.myfuelpartner.com or call toll free: 86-510-0739

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Centron Diesel Fuel Enhancer is arguably the best all around performance & preventative maintenance fuel additive in the marketplace. Centron is patented, EPA registered, SAE tested and PROVEN over 7 years & 300 million miles to increase MPG by 10% - 20%. reduce exhaust emissions by up to 50%, increase performance, reduce maintenance costs and protect against fuel related problems
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