American Feast Proudly Offers Food Gifts from Nature

The indigenous specialty foods available from are true gifts from nature, and terrific for giving to discriminating foodies, slow food cooking enthusiasts, socially-conscious loved ones, or the eco-friendly.
Wild Blueberry Gift Basket rom Maine
Wild Blueberry Gift Basket rom Maine
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Dec. 9, 2008 - PRLog -- New York, NY - Dec 9, - The indigenous specialty foods available from are true gifts from nature, and terrific for giving to discriminating foodies, slow food cooking enthusiasts, socially-conscious loved ones, or anyone concerned about the health of the environment.

Authentic wild rice, known as Manoomin and "the food that grows on water" to Minnesota's Native American Ojibwe communities, is hand-harvested from pristine lakes on the White Earth Indian Reservation, as it has been for centuries, using traditional methods.  Unlike the genetically modified "wild rice" grown in paddies, truly wild rice delivers a deep, rich flavor cherished by chefs and devoted foodies.  Manoomin is a central aspect of Ojibwe culture and tradition, a part of the proceeds benefit the White Earth Land Recovery Project, which works to protect the integrity of this important heirloom food.

The Wild Blueberry holds a special place in Maine's history, one that goes back centuries to Native Americans.  They were the first to use the tiny blue berries, both fresh and dried, for their flavor, their nutrition and their healing qualities.  Unlike the larger cultivated blueberries usually sold in supermarkets, Wild Blueberries are tiny and really are wild, having crept over Maine's rocky land naturally. offers its guests the opportunity to order Maine's Wild Blueberry Pie , or any of a wonderful assortment of great Wild Blueberry gifts.

Cranberries were first used by Native Americans, who discovered the wild berry's versatility as a food, fabric dye, and healing agent.  Later, American whalers and mariners carried cranberries on their voyages to prevent scurvy.  American Feast offers an all-natural Cranberry Sauce made from a Colonial recipe, Cranberry Apple Chutney, Cranberry Pepper Jelly spiced with medium hot chilies from the American Southwest, and several more delicious cranberry products, all prepared in one of New England’s most creative kitchens.

The first people to make maple syrup were the Native Americans of the Northeast who called their delicious syrup, "sinzibukwud," which means, "sweet buds."  The Native Americans used it as a flavoring for breads, stews, teas, and vegetables, including cranberries.  We are all forever in their debt for teaching their trade to French and English settlers.  American Feast offers 100% Pure Organic Maple Syrup in beautifully decorated bottles.  The syrup is Grade A Light Amber, the lightest of the USDA’s classifications, with the mild and delicate flavor preferred by knowing maple syrup connoisseurs.

Gathered in America’s heartland, the American Eastern Black Walnut is known to some as “the Ultimate Nut.”  These walnuts are perfect for creating baked delights, and when added to salads or entrées, they turn everyday dishes into exciting signature creations with a rich, robust flavor.  "Pecan" is a Native American word from the Algonquin language, covering "all nuts requiring a stone to crack.”  Creative bakers love the sweet tasting Native American Pecan because it is marvelous for any number of recipes.  American Feast offers both of these American wonder nuts in a single package, the Bakers Bounty! Fancy Large Premium Black Walnuts & Native Pecan Halves.

If it is indigenous gourmet seafood you crave, the company offers the freshest Paddlefish Caviar from the waters of Tennessee and Salmon Roe Caviar from Alaska.  The company’s Alaskan Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon has exceptionally rich flavor, reddish color, and firm texture, prepared and smoked according to Alaskan tradition.

Do you love the fabulous bounty from the sea that makes the Maine such a special place?  At you can order Fresh Lobsters from Maine, fully prepared Cundy's Harbor Lobster Stew, Christmas Cove Lobster Cakes, and Nubble Light Lobster Wellington, all from sustainably harvested lobsters.  

Whether you are a Cajun away from home, or just someone who loves uniquely Cajun food, American Feast’s Crawfish Etouffee is perfect for you.  Crawfish make their homes in the banks of Louisiana‘s bayous, resemble tiny lobsters, and turn up in an astonishing variety of local dishes.  Crawfish Etouffee is one of the most delicious!

If none of the above strikes your fancy, there are over 200 exceptional specialty foods available at the American Feast website that will give you a real taste of America.
American Feast offers some of America's finest specialty foods, and informative and entertaining content.  It combines those elements with advocacy for a healthier and more sustainable food system.

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American Feast champions food from sustainable farms over food from factories and slow food over fast food. By working with entrepreneurial families we deliver an imaginative mix of culinary delights from the USA's most creative kitchens and family farms.

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