Angry Shoppers Upset About Fake Designer Purse Scams

Nationwide online store owner provides advice on how to make sure your money isn’t wasted.
Dec. 3, 2008 - PRLog -- With the holiday season approaching, shoppers everywhere are turning to the internet to get a head start on their holiday shopping. Nearly half of online consumers this year say that they expect to find the best holiday bargains on the web, up significantly from last year. According to Forrester Research Inc., online retail spending is expected to rise 12% from a year ago. According to their report, “Online retail spending is expected to reach $44 billion during November and December”.
Forrester also says that 75% of shoppers seeking designer purses and other accessories plan to make these purchases online.  But deciding where to make these purchases is becoming increasingly difficult for some consumers who have gotten less than what they bargained for in the past. One major online auction site reports over 40 complaints each day from upset internet shoppers that have received imitation handbags when they thought they paid for the real thing.
Rhonda Fernandez, of, warns consumers to use caution when purchasing a designer handbag online.  Watch out for the following common scams that are currently found on some of the popular classified and auction sites.
•   “Unwanted Gift Scam” – In this scenario, the seller will describe the bag as a gift from a wealthy relative that only buys authentic merchandise.  Smart Shopper Advice: People will rarely sell high end handbags at a loss.  If it seems “too good to be true”, it probably is.
•   “Factory Seconds Scam” – Most high end designers destroy “Factory Seconds” and all bags that do not meet their standards.  Smart Shopper Advice:  DO NOT buy from anyone who is selling a “Factory Seconds” handbag.
•   “One Day Auction Scam” – Some internet auction sites use a system that can report potentially fraudulent auctions and forward the information to the copyright owner.  Then the copyright owner/designer may respond and have the auction removed if the bag is a fake.  However, because this system takes time, scammers often use one day auctions to avoid being caught.  Smart Shopper Advice: Although not all one day auctions are scams, many are, and you should avoid them in most cases.

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