“Wicca”- The Fastest Growing Belief System In The World Today!

The untold story about Wicca. All your questions answered with nothing held back! Learn why followers of Wicca choose to keep their faith private, and just how innocent it really is! Who started giving them such a bad rap anyway?
By: Mary Jones
Nov. 20, 2008 - PRLog -- Could it be, that a religion based on love of nature, love of humanity and respect for goodness of all kinds could possibly be number one, in terms of growth and popularity?  Could it also be that a religion which uses spells instead of prayer to achieve positive results is multiplying as we speak?  Could it be, that a religion which never gathers in a church or temple, refuses to accept charity or tax cuts, and never invites anyone to join, could be the fastest growing religion in the United States today?

Well it’s true!  And it also happens to be the most misunderstood religion in the world.  I suppose this is because they never attempt to push it at you.  If you find it,  you find it.  Wiccans do not feel the need to control or be controlled by others. Wicca stands behind all that’s good in life, as well as everything that our senses realize! Although spells are an important part of what they do, its not the manipulative kind of thing portrayed in stories or horror flicks.  Spells are equivalent to what prayer is to other religions.  The requests are the same, only they perform the magick themselves instead of asking someone else to do it for them!  

Wiccans believe that we are all Magickal beings.  Evil intent is forbidden in Wicca!
Many of the same herbs used in spell work, have now been found to have medicinal uses in modern medicine.  In case you’re wondering about the word Magick being spelled with a “k”, it’s just to denote the difference between the other “Magic” performed by an illusionist on a stage!

When asked what drew them to the Wiccan belief system, the response is usually something like this- “It just feels good to get real results!” or “It just feels right!”.  One woman told me that she just knew from the time she was a young girl that things could be “done” by Magickal thinking, and that by the time she grew up and learned spell work, it all just came together!

In Wicca,  the same good standards are held in their hearts, such as love , good health, kindness, family values etc.  They are a normal functioning part of society just as you are, and have careers, drive cars, are busy raising families, being hockey moms, little league coaches, and enjoy seeing movies or dining out, just as you do!

The need to control what others believe, whether it be about religion, food preferences, clothing, or choice of lovers, will hopefully soon become  that which no longer  is tolerated by the human race!  There are unfortunately still many people who feel that we must all believe the same in order to have the peace and structure of a successful society.  

I found most of my inspiration for this interesting subject at an easy to understand website: http://www.wicca-info.com . Also, make sure you sign up for a  fun newsletter while you are there!

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