Gastric band treatment at Goa in India helped an uninsured Manchester patients to get weight loss.

Obesity treatment procedures like gastric banding surgery in India are providing international quality success rate and the price is also less and affordable.
By: Dr. Arjun Bojwani
Nov. 20, 2008 - PRLog -- Gastric banding surgery at Goa in India helped an uninsured Manchester patient to get weight loss. Edna Lara a patient from Manchester UK aged 44 realised that the morbid obesity level in her body was increasing for the past 3 years and she also faced other health issues like chest pain, high blood pressure and increased sugar level. On consulting the doctor she was advised to get gastric banding surgery as her body mass index BMI was above 35. Her medical insurance advisor refused to give insurance cover for her obesity treatment as it was not included in the clause and the price of the medical procedure was unaffordable to Edna. Then she came to know about cost effective and international quality Indian medical treatment on a documentary on TV. She finally contacted an international medical tourism consultancy and got good medical travel arrangements for her gastric banding surgery at Goa in India as she wished to enjoy a holiday vacation at a tourism resort of Goa. The doctors in India used the most modern medical treatment protocols during her obesity treatment at Goa. And after a hospital stay of 8 days Edna shifted to Kenilworth Beach Resort, Goa   for a holiday vacation of 10 days. Now after 3 months of getting her outpatient obesity treatment in India at a low cost she is seeing positive outcomes of weight loss in her body.

Gastric banding surgery is a form of obesity surgery for the treatment of morbidly obese patients (BMI >40), or for those with severe obesity (BMI >35) who have weight-related comorbidities. Restrictive obesity surgery aims to promote weight loss by restricting the volume of food the stomach is capable of accommodating. Gastric banding achieves this food reduction by through the use of a band placed around the proximal aspect of the stomach, which reduces the functional size of the stomach to that of an egg. Although functionally similar to vertical banded gastroplasty, unlike gastric stapling, gastric banding surgery uses no staples, instead a silastic ring is used (about 2 inches in circumference). Unlike gastric bypass, it does not disturb the vital process of the digestive process or reduce calorie absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, and the banding operation is completely reversible. As an obesity treatment procedure gastric banding surgery has significant benefits.  By enhancing the diameter it alleviates vomiting, reducing it limits food intake further. Another benefit of gastric banding surgery is that it may be performed via keyhole laparoscopic surgery, which reduces hospital stay and pain at the incision site.

Obesity treatment procedures like gastric banding surgery in India are providing international quality success rate and the price is also less and affordable as compared to that provided by surgeons of UK and US. Less price and international quality gastric banding surgery at Indian cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Goa is serving a good option for uninsured foreign patients desiring weight loss. As medical insurance policies are not including obesity treatment for insurance covers. The medical treatment facilities provided at obesity treatment hospitals in India are avon and provide complete health recovery and satisfaction to patients. Foreign patients are taking assistance of medical tourism in India for getting cost effective health recovery in India. Indian doctors and surgeons are themselves UK and US trained having a good success record. You may know more about getting less price gastric banding surgery in India at or send your case details to

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