Lost Tomb of the Knights Templar by Ben Hammott

The long awaited book by Rennes-le-Chateau researcher Ben Hammott is now released, revealing how Ben deciphered clues hidden in an ancient church by a priest 100 years ago to find a lost tomb, treasure and 2000 year old relics.
By: Ben Hammott
Nov. 19, 2008 - PRLog -- Ben Hammott, the author of the book Lost Tomb of the Knights Templar, first became interested in the Rennes-le-Chateau Mystery from watching a documentary on television fronted by Henry Lincoln, the person responsible for bringing the Rennes Mystery to our attention. Lincoln was a co-author of the Holy Blood, Holy Grail book, which Dan Brown based some of his best seller The Da Vinci Code on.

The documentary was about a priest who shortly after finding something that had been hidden in his ancient church, probabaly a message or code on a piece of parchment, suddenly turns from being a penniless priest into wealthy one. To this day no one knows exactly what it was that made the priest Berenger Sauniere so rich.

The documentary hinted that the mysterious priest left clues in the decorations revealing what exactly it was that he found and perhaps even the location of some treasure. Unable to resist the allure of the mystery Ben decides to travel to France to take a look for himself, there was treasure to be found after all.

Arriving in the small French village of Rennes-le-Chateau  Ben explores the old church dedicated to Mary Magdalen, and notices certain details in the decorations and statues that seemed to match nearby locations. Investigating further Ben manages to decipher the clues that lead him to a locations situated in the surrounding landscape where he discovers some amazing finds, what seems to be a lost Knights Templar Tomb containing a body, some artifacts, sealed chests and some treasure.

Ben believes that the tomb may be a lost stash of objects important to the Templars that had been hastily hidden when the news of their impending arrest by the French king in 1307 reached them. Ben believes that they planned to return to salvage the artifacts but they had underestimated how ruthless the king would be in his endeavors to get his hands on their amassed fortune, something he never did as it had disappeared! With most of the Templars imprisoned, tortured or dead or having fled the country to safer lands, they never returned to claim it and their it lay hidden for centuries..

A local family, the Hautpouls, who had a chateau in Rennes-le-Chateau, were entrusted with this secret location, which they handed down from one generation to the next until on her deathbed, Marie d'Hautpoul, having no surviving family, entrusted the secret to her friend and village priest, Antoine Bigou, making him promise he would preserve the secret and made him swear that when his time came he was to entrust it to another.

Bigou's time came quicker than he had expected when the French revolution began a few years later. Bigou, being a Royalist supporter, knew he would not escape their murdering rampage and had little choice but to flee to Spain. Not knowing if he would survive the journey or ever return, and with the promise he had made to Marie d'Hautpoul on his mind, he hid in the church a piece of parchment that revealed, hopefully to a future priest, the secret he had been entrusted with. His promise for-filled Bigou fled never to return.

Many years later after the church had fallen into disrepair, a new priest arrives at Bigou's old church, his name is Berenger Sauniere.

The book is Ben's story from when he first heard of the mystery, his many visits to Rennes-le-Chateau and full details of all of his discoveries.

Ben's writing style is refreshing and makes it a very easy read, even if you know nothing about the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery. It is a boys own adventure type of book and very humorous in places, thrilling and always exciting. Definitely a page turner.
I imagine this book will be destined to become a favorite not just of those interested in the Rennes mystery but anyone who enjoys a good exciting read.

As the back cover text says:  "...it could be the premise for a new archaeological thriller. Except that it is real."

More details about the book can be found here: http://www.losttomb.net

To read more about Ben's research and discoveries visit his website here: http://www.benhammott.com

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A Rennes-le-Chateau researcher and author of the book Lost Tomb of the Knights Templar that reveals how I deciphered the clues hidden in an ancient church by a priest 100 years ago to find a lost tomb, treasure and 2000 year old relics.

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