CNC Saw blade Sharpening Machine (EMC-500)

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cnc saw blade sharpening machine
cnc saw blade sharpening machine
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Cnc Saw Blade Sharpening Machine
Saw Blade Sharpening Machine



Nov. 17, 2008 - PRLog -- EMC-500 CBN.CNC full automatic computer numerical control circular saw blade grinder is made by the innovated technology; it is full automatic CNC processing center controlled and is with precise structure, its speed is faster than other equipments of the same rank.

EMC-500, the CNC saw blade grinder, its foundation is made of spheroid graphite ductile iron FCD-45, that is with good vibration state damping and well movement performance, it may improve the finishing, and its thermal conductivity is low, so that the affection that caused by the environmental temperature change is little, and it does not distort. Therefore, it can maintain the stability of the machine and promote the precision and the service life.

EMC-500 CBN saw blade grinder is mainly suitable for the customer such as pipe & tube machinery manufacturer, pipe making manufacturer, pipe cutter manufacturer, saw blade manufacturer, and saw blade sharpening manufacturer, furniture manufacturer, bicycle manufacturer and automobile manufacturer.

Novel design and perfect streamline enhance EMC-500 CBN on its unique outstanding style. There is a fine view to watch the working situation from the large window, and it is also very convenient to open the arc gate to replace the saw blade.

EMC-500 CNC saw blade grinder is a three axle servo-control CNC saw blade grinder; the outer diameter, the number of teeth (gears), the attrition quantity, the angle of cutting, the back clearance cutting angle can be automatically set up and controlled.

The CNC saw blade grinder adapts 10.4” TFT-LCD monitor; it is outfitted with the dialogue type operation screen, the machine will automatically finish the gridding job only by inputting simple data.

Advanced software design: The outer diameter, the number of teeth, the tooth depth, cutting angle, back clearance angle, feeding rate and the grinding wheel rotation speed can be all numerically input. Easy operation, even if you are not the senior technician.

The functional CNC controller may provide you the ideal processing performance according to the majority demands. Ultra strong memory storing function: it can be inputted 9999 set of saw blade attrition parameter, it will show you the saw blade records on the screen within few seconds, it will save a lot of time on reset.

The EMC-500 series of circular cold saw blade sharpener is the perfect complement for the customer who has multiple automatic or semi-automatic CNC cold saw blades that for higher production runs.

Bringing cold saw blade sharpening in house allows the manufacturer to reduce sharpening costs allowing for quick turnarounds (compared to outsourcing cold saw blade sharpening).

By eliminating time consuming adjustments, the productivity is increased on account of the simplicity designed into our sharpeners. The manufacturer or fabricator can sharpen the saw blades economically and quickly right in their own shop. Furthermore, It also increases efficiency due to the saw blades can be sharpened to the exact specifications without delay.
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A fully automatic CNC HSS sawblade sharpening machine.
CBN diamond grinding wheel.
Cooling system
Automatic cutting angle setting.
Grinding wheel speed setting.
Three axes servo control.
Oil mist filter
Patented splash guard.

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