IKITMovie 1.05 - Stop Motion Animation Software is Released

Press Release November 17, 2008 Source: Studio Daily IKITSystems Ltd. today (17th of November 2008) announced the launch of iKITMovie 1.05, the much anticipated stop motion animation software for Windows platforms.
By: Mark Peterson
stop motion animation software
stop motion animation software
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Nov. 17, 2008 - PRLog -- Managing Director Diarmuid Brennan said at their press release:

“We are thrilled to announce the release of iKITMovie 1.05, the most advanced entry/intermediate  level stop motion animation software on the market. This major release has been designed to offer a new way of producing quality animation at a very affordable price.

iKITMovie broadens the 3D animation possibilities by enabling users of all ages to create quality stop motion  animation with a highly intuitive and user friendly interface. Exciting new features include a unique custom built sound engine with over 2,200 sound effects and background music. This powerful and unique feature is the first in the market at this level.”

Siobhan O Reilly – Education Marketting Manager (US and Canada)  had this to say:

“Technology is quickly becoming an integral part of the learning environment. iKITMovie provides students the opportunity to engage as active learners, acquiring and enhancing a wide range of skills. Incorporating iKITMovie into lesson plans aligned with curricular frameworks, guarantees; not only lively and engaging lessons but enhanced proficiency in the use of ICT. When a class has completed an assignment whether English, Science, History, Drama etc. using, iKITMovie they will be able to demonstrate the ability to use technology for critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation. – iKITMovie is truly a multidimensional cross curricular tool, an asset in any classroom.”

iKITMovie 1.05’s features include:

KITMovie for PC Windows has a number of the standard features required in a stop motion animation program plus a number of other exciting features which make it very unique and powerful for such an easy to use 3d animation program.

# 2,200 Sound effects library built-in

# Live preview - Whether you are making a 3D or a 2D stop motion movie you can instantly preview every step of the way frame by frame. Unlike many stop motion software programs you can choose a frame that you want to preview from, and click "play from here".

# Onionskinning - Compare each move you make with your stop motion character before you make the next move. Watch as the layers between the first move and the next move are shown in the animation screen.

# Capture in 320x240, 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 - All the resolution screen sizes you could possibly need are available for your animation in the software.

# Export to - MPEG - MP4 - WMV (for YouTube / Revver / Break / MP4 portable players)  
Play your animations on your iPod™, iPhone™, XBox 360™, PSP™ or PS3™

# Webcam Plug & Play - Any webcam may be used to create the best stop motion animation claymation 3D or 2D movie! No need for complicated device drivers to get you up and running and making you animation movies immediately.

# Time Counter & Frame Counter - Monitor every second and frame of your 3D animation with the intuitive frame and time counter.  

# Intuitive Linear Editing with Timeline - Each frame of your stop motion animation is laid out in a linear fashion making the animating intuitive and clear.  

# Frame Editing ( Cut, Paste, Insert ) - Whether it's Brickfilms or Claymation movies you are making or even 2D animation you can cut bad frames , copy and paste good frames with a click of your mouse.

# Import multiple frames - You can import as many movie frames into your animation as you wish.

# Frame rate 1 – 25 - Capture your animation movie at any rate from 1 frame per second up to 25 frames per second.

# Autosave - Never loose any animation work you have done. You can set the iKITMovie software to automatically save your file at regular intervals.

# AutoSnap - A unique feature in any stop motion animation software program, iKITMovie can be set to capture frames automatically to create some interesting effects in Brickfilms and claymation movies.

# Audio - Voiceover recording - Record any audio such as your voice using any microphone attached to your computer. No need to record in a separate program. iKITMovie animation software has  voice recording built in ready to use.    

# Audio - Mood music - Included are music tracks for you to add mood to your stop motion animation movie.

# Audio - Unlimited - You can also add as many audio mp3 or wav music tracks to the preloaded music tracks in the software.

# Audio - Unlimited - Any number of sounds can be added in parallel with simultaneous playback on your animation. No other animation software has this many possibilities for claymation, brickfilm, 3D and 2D animation production.

# Audio - Individual Frame Audio volume control - Not only can you add as many audio and music tracks to your animation but you can also control each sound level with a simple level volume control per sound.

Purchase  iKITMovie 1.05 now for $79.00 US. Purchasing information about iKITMovie 1.05 is now available online at http://www.ikitmovie.com/buy-stop-motion-animation-softwa...

About  iKITSystems Ltd.

iKITSystems Ltd. is a world leader in innovative animation software solutions. iKITSystems Ltd.  develops user-friendly stop motion animation and educational applications for all.

For additional information, visit iKITMovie at http://www.ikitmovie.com/

For more information, contact:

Diarmuid Brennan
Managing Director
iKITSystems Ltd.

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Free stop motion animation software with quality feature like 3D animation, claymation, Create best computer animations for your personal and professional needs.

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