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Today,more and more people used mp4 player to listen music,maybe you have these problem,so i write this article to solved your trouble.
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Nov. 16, 2008 - PRLog -- I know some people have a mp4 player to listen music,but when it dose not work,what will you do?ePathChina is sale electronic gadgets,we have thought this problem,so today we write this artice to tell you what should you do.
If there is something wrong with your MP4 Players and MP5 Players, what can you do? Well, let’s discuss together. Problems and Suggestions:
 1. The time for playing files in the connected memory is shortened. As the file playing is a consumption of power, so, you know, it requires more power for playing multiple formats in your MP4 Player than playing only one format. Therefore, if you enjoy different formats at the same time, the playing time will certainly be shortened.
2. The Player cannot be turned on.First, check If the battery is low power, please use the provided adaptor to charge the battery and then retry. Based on the discharging state, the charging of full battery needs some time. If there is no response of the product, please press “RESET” button on the side of the unit.
3. Noise in playing.The damaged music files may utter noise, or discontinued sound output. Then you should make sure that the earphones are connected. Low-end earphones are also the negative factor of noise.
4. Unable to download filesAs to this aspect, above all, make sure that the computer and the player are properly connected. What’s more, check that whether the memory space of the memory is full or not. Finally, check the USB connection lines.
5. Buttons do not work.Check whether the power switch is in the HOLD position. If it is, please move it to the correct position.
6. No sound.Check whether the volume is set to “0” . If it is so, please adjust it to your favorite volume. Then check whether there is any playing source in your MP4 Players and MP5 Players. No playing source in the player, obviously, there won’t be any voice.
  7. FM radio channels are unable to work normally.You know, there is no configuration of independent antenna of MP4 Player and MP5 Player. The reception sensitivity may differ as the positions are different. Therefore, please first try to adjust the position of the player so that the signal effect will be better. If you cannot hear the program from FM radio in your site, it may be the problem of the FM modules. In this case, please contact the nearest customer services center.
Finally, I hope all above can help you a lot. And if you want to buy a good gadget,you can go to http://www.epathchina.com

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