American Debt Enders Releases Say No To Debt Slavery Video

An Article including a link to a short video by the famous author of "Think and Grow Rich", Napoleon Hill, with a free link to the audio version, has been psted on the Free Credit Counseling Blog and Newsletter of American Debt Enders.
Nov. 5, 2008 - PRLog -- It is extremely relevant to
anyone who believes in self empowerment
and utilizing there God given talents and a proper attitude toward a
successful life. Do not depend on Washington to help you.
Here is the full article, including the links:

  Here is something very much needed for all my readers. I often speak
about self empowerment. Of course, in my writings, I focus on how
debt freedom leads to self empowerment, which is, of course true. But,
being truly self empowered also leads to other good things in your life. But,
rather than just my usual article, I thought I would provide a more unique
look at how to attain a proper mindset for achieving all your goals in life.

     Because if you can achieve debt freedom, than you can start achieving
in other areas, and reach the fulfillment of the gifts God gave you. Did you know
the bible speaks about money 2,350 times. Yikes! So, it must be important.
You do not attain financial success by being greedy or cuthroat, nor, will you
achieve debt freedom with any type of negative attitude. So, in keeping with
this idea, I present you with the following video. It is an oldie, but goodie.
The speaker is Napoleon Hill, Author of the classic "Think and Grow Rich".

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Now, here is the video:

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