PC to Phone Calls to India from Foreign Lands

Voice over Internet Protocol is perhaps one of the best changes that has taken place in the world and is now being able to give Indian citizens the chance to enjoy free calls due the highly relieving innovations.
By: Nisha Garg
Nov. 5, 2008 - PRLog -- VoIP started off in the year 1973 as an experimental creation known as network voice protocol being created by talented scientists especially for improving the performance of ARPANET service providers. The time jingled on to the point of realisation of business capabilities by becoming a communication medium for the common public and for the enhancement in the features involved in making international calls and also national calls. One of the major features which is now one of the main reasons for the success of the VoIP technology is to be able to take to friends by making absolutely free calls.

The major processes that are involved in the actual process that take place when a person makes a phone call with a tool which uses this technology is quite complex and is liable to be understood mostly by Telecom engineers and persons involved in some way or other in the technical back end process that takes place when a call is being made. However the prospect of understanding the working of this technology is not bleak due to the overlying simplicity of the basic concept behind this technology. Hence when a person makes free PC to Phone calls to India, the primary event that takes place is the modification of the sounds of his voice into digital packets of information which are then sent over a network to the phone of the person to whom he is making the call too. Both of these persons have the requirements for being able to make free phone calls http://www.youtring.com/download.aspx, as being very few in number. Hence all that the person needs to make free calls to India is an free account with a VoIP service provider and a computer with the necessary software and a modem.

The benefits that are a feature of making free calls are evident by the word 'free' itself and hence, the user is able to make calls to his friends and talk for lengthy periods of time without having to pay a single symbol of monetary worth. Therefore, the need to pay a single penny, or a cent or even a paisa is completely nullified. Another major benefit is the fantastic quality of sound that the person hears when he makes a call with another one being the basic service being available in the form of numerous offers being available by the different service providers.

The feature of being able to make free PC to phone calls http://www.youtring.com/Phone.aspx is hence now quite real and hence Indians regardless of the place where they are living, are able to make calls and those too free and hence, become capable of remaining in touch with their friends and relatives living in the wonderful abode known as India.

Calls to India can now be made without the need to think about international call rates and how to talk with the minimum of sentences due to this feature being available quite easily. There are quite a lot of websites of various service providers who offer the feature of making free Phone calls to India and hence, the person who wants to talk to someone who is living in India can do so without having to worry about the bill that he has to pay (which in the old days, used to be quite a large one in the case of making long phone calls and also quite considerable even if the person making the call was watchful enough to keep the small time period of the call.).

The result of advances being made for the better in the Indian economy has led to an increase in the overall living standards of the Indian people and hence, the computer is now becoming quite a routine feature in most of the households of urban centres of this fantastic country. The result is the increase in free PC Phone calls being made, due to the increase in the number of people who are learning the process of making free calls.

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