Free PC to Phone Calls: The Computer is Now The Free Call Making Phone

The enthusiastic endeavour of making free calls is now possible for human beings to make with the introduction of many new technologies in the field of communication. So, the calls that are taking place in frequent periods of seconds are almost free.
By: Nisha Garg
Nov. 3, 2008 - PRLog -- The technology that is perhaps making headlines in the mediums being used by human beings is VoIP in the present era and the improvements that are being provided with this technology are wonderful enough to entice users all over the world to shift their tools of making phone calls using the VoIP technology.

If one has to consider the meaning of the process which is involved in VoIP, then the primary thing that takes place is human voice being converted into digital signals and then these signals are sent across the network after being compressed into data packets using techniques like speech compression.

The mediums which are there for making VoIP calls are many and the most frequently used tool is the PC or the personal computer. Hence users are now able to make free PC to phone calls to their friends living in any nook or cranny of this big wide world. The result is therefore, the increase in usage of this technology due to its wonderful features and since the primary feature is the calls being free, hence users are able to make free PC calls in a smooth and an excellent manner.

Free phone calls are therefore, being made by many human beings with the help of the communication software that they install in their computers. This software is present on the websites of the VoIP service providers and the users who avail the services of these service providers are able to download the software on their PCs and then install it for the purpose of making free calls enabled with the features of VoIP. The service is frequently used with an improvement in economy of nations with more human beings having access to computers.

The VoIP service providers who normally give the technology to its users for making free PC calls have a reason for doing so. The cost of the calls that are being made are handled by the magnificent revenue that the websites receives from lots of companies who put their product advertisements on the service provider websites. From the companies side, there is a valid reason for doing so, as the VoIP service provider websites see the maximum number of hits at any time and hence, the advertisements are normally read multiple times and hence some of the users turn into the customers of these companies by acquiring the products after being impressed by the advertisements that they see on the websites.

Hence, the business of providing VoIP services, is becoming quite a profitable one with many VoIP service providers being established and therefore, the number of customers who are using the wonderful technology in making free PC phone calls, is growing at a rate which is quite phenomenal.

Most of the softwares that are provided have many wonderful assets in the form of user friendly features like interfaces being designed in the form of standard phones. The result is that the user has no difficulty in making free calls by being able to associate the working of the softwares with traditional phone systems.

The borders of countries are no longer important for communication and the various formalities that are normally being made are also nullified in the sense that the working of the overall technology takes place in a manner which enables free calls to be made from any city in any country to any city present in another wonderful country. The nationalities of VoIP users are therefore, many with the result being this technology assuming a global presence and hence a dominant presence in the world.

The place from where free calls are being made is therefore, a giver of many new opportunities both to the person making the call and also to the service provider who is giving this service. Another wonderful receiver of this wonderful service is the company who is able to effectively market his products in the form of widely viewed advertisements being put on the websites of the VoIP service providers.

Enjoy the free call phone. Make free PC to Phone calls
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