Infiniti Of Scottsdale Has Money To Loan! Get 0% Loans From 11/3 Thru 11/30

The crisis in the car business today is with customer counts, and not with the ability to get people financed, especially not at Infiniti of Scottsdale. Customer counts are being driven down by a media-enflamed hysteria based on half-truths.
By: Infiniti of Scottsdale Arizona
Nov. 1, 2008 - PRLog -- Without a doubt, you've read the headlines - "GMAC Refuses to Finance less that 700 Score", "Tight Car Credit Threatens Dealers", and so on. Keep reading these stories over and over and soon you begin to believe them.  And if you do believe, then inevitably you conclude that a trip to the dealer with the hopes of buying a car will likely result in disappointment or an embarrassing turn-down in their finance department.

Too bad. It's not true.  There is plenty of car finance available and some of it at 0% interest.

Let's set the record straight. On a grand scale, there is no doubt that the incredible financial crisis which took Wall Street down is for real. $700,000,000,000 is a lot of money. All that is true.

But what the media chooses to report is the bad news. It sells more advertising. Not all the news is bad. This crisis has not put all lenders out of business. This is especially true of lenders who specialize in vehicle financing. In fact, according to Experian Automotive, 2.5% of all car loans today are 30 days past due compared with 2.3% a year ago; fewer than 1% are 60 days late. Furthermore, while GMAC, Wells Fargo and other auto industry lenders have indeed made their loans more difficult to qualify for, others like Infiniti Financial Services have money to loan and lease, and they have promoted their loans and leases with some of the most attractive terms in history.
Stacy Jones, Infiniti of Scottsdale's Director of Finance, was recently asked, "How many car deals did not get done last month at Infiniti of Scottsdale because of the 'credit crisis'?"  Jones responded "Two".  Then, she was asked, "How many car sales actually were financed during that same time?", to which Jones answered, "A little over a hundred." Ms. Jones went on to explain, "We are able to get our customers financed, but sometimes they are required to put a little more cash down. Sometimes, their rates may be a little higher when they choose not to use the promotional 0.9% rates that we have on new cars. (0% Nov 3 thru Nov 30, OAC)  And sometimes, the 'credit crisis' has absolutely no effect on them at all. It's a very individual thing."

The truth is - Infiniti of Scottsdale has money to loan.

A couple of weeks ago, a video tape news crew from Channel 15, Phoenix's ABC affiliate, was across the street from Infiniti of Scottsdale. They did a piece for the 6 o'clock news. The main thread of their story was that a nearby dealership property was empty as the direct and tragic result of both the national financial crisis and the auto credit crisis.

Incredible. And, not true...again.

In fact, the dealership property that was videotaped had been empty for 6 months prior to broadcast. There was no auto credit crisis nor a national financial meltdown 6 months ago. The dealership, a successful Toyota outfit, moved their operations to a new $15,000,000 property a few miles from here. The empty property had been sold to another dealer group who is investing many more millions of dollars to renovate the entire old property and move his operation in. Both of these dealers are making plenty of car loans.

If there's a crisis in the car business today, it's with customer count and not with the ability to get people financed - at least not at Infiniti of Scottsdale. Customer counts are being driven down by a hysteria which is based on half-truths and outright false story fabrications.

This is a great time to get the facts and ignore the media hysteria.  This is a great time to get the truth from those who know.  This is a great time, like no other time before, to take advantage of a real opportunity.  The car deal of a lifetime is available on a new or used vehicle at Infiniti of Scottsdale.  

Infiniti of Scottsdale is the top-rated and most trusted Infiniti Dealer in America. Visit  For more information, call 866-374-2645 and ask for the Internet Desk.

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America's Most Trusted Infiniti Dealer is Infiniti of Scottsdale serving the Phoenix metropolitan area and all of Arizona and the Western USA and Canada. Top-Rated Infiniti of Scottsdale was the first Infiniti Dealership built in the United States.
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