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Dhanmobnhdhi - Dhaka - Bangladesh

Oct. 22, 2008 - PRLog -- Our specialist team is closely linked with local doctors, consultants and midwives and works especially closely with Dr Luciano Nardo, a leading UK Consultant Gynaecologist and Reproductive Medicine Specialist at SMS (Specialist Medical Services) in Cheshire.
Our Fertility Programme is more precise than other specialist Clinics as we use the 'Health Detective' Screening System which removes guesswork and is an invaluable tool in assessing the body for nutrition levels and identifying sub-clinical thyroid problems, blood sugar imbalances and adrenal fatigue. If any of these are sub-clinical the body may not be in a position to conceive and maintain a foetus.
A fertility treatment is used when a man and a woman are unable to conceive a child naturally. The fertility treatment is designed to increase their chance of pregnancy. There are many different fertility treatments. A specialist will conduct testing on both individuals to determine the possible reasons behind the infertility, and then the treatment options that are available are discussed. Fertility treatments aren’t always effective and they are often very expensive. Most insurance plans don’t cover fertility treatment.
Ovulation Induction involves the female taking fertility drugs to increase her chances of getting pregnant. These drugs often come with some health risks and side effects but they can help regulate the menstrual cycle and increase the likeliness of pregnancy.
Artificial insemination is the process of injecting sperm from the male into the female. This is often combined with fertility drugs and methods of helping the male produce more sperm that are stronger. Assisted Reproductive Technology, known as ART, are more complicated fertility treatments. This involves removing the ova from the female, fertilizing it with sperm from the male, and placing it back in her body before it is known if conception has taken place.
Fertility, or rather infertility, is a problem that affects approximately 12% of couples today. That percentage continues to rise each year as more people are also delaying childbearing to pursue their careers. More people and medical professionals are turning to natural homeopathic fertility treatments to increase the chances a couple can conceive without other medical intervention.
The process of fertility treatments can be very simple for some couples such as increasing the sperm count of the male. Other couples struggle for years with fertility issues because of the let down of not finding an effective treatment and the side effects. In addition to the financial cost, fertility treatments affect couples physically and emotionally.
Once a young couple has been married for a while, usually they start thinking about having children. Starting a family is a wonderfully fulfilling thing for couples to achieve. Some couples, once they mutually decide to have children, want to thus start doing so as soon as possible.
There is no one solution to improving fertility, but there are certainly a large number of ways. Some ways are more implausible than others. For example, thanks to the amorous reputation of Casanova, it is thought that a man can increase his fertility by eating oysters.
However, when it comes to sure ways to increase fertility, avoiding all contact with cigarette smoke is definitely at the top of the list. If a man or a woman smokes, various medical studies have proven that it would significantly decrease their chances of being able to have children. This is also the case for nonsmokers who are often exposed to secondhand smoke.
Also, this goes without saying, but a stressed out couple will find it considerably harder to conceive than a more laid back couple. Stress affects the endocrine system, which can thus directly affect a man's sperm count and a woman's ovulation cycle.

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