New Book on Alcoholism Applauded by National Anxiety Foundation's Dr Stephen Cox

The National Anxiety Foundation gives Dr Roy Eskapa an A+ for his superlative book that so clearly and concisely explains Dr Sinclair's enormously effective method for treating alcoholism - as a life-saver for millions of alcoholics.
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Oct. 18, 2008 - PRLog -- "I am President of the National Anxiety Foundation in the United States. I'm also a clinical psychiatrist with a large private practice, a medical inventor, a clinical professor of Psychiatry at a medical school.

I was very skeptical of using naltrexone to treat alcoholism. I tried Revia (naltrexone) years ago with disappointing results. It turns out that American doctors have been misinstructed in how to use naltrexone. I only learned of the general correct way when I met the discoverer of this cure, Dr. David Sinclair of Finland.

David explained how naltrexone should be used to treat alcoholism. I started using it in that manner and it made all the difference. I have two failures to eight home runs in my alcohol patients since learning how to correctly use the method.

I learn some new fine point which helps me to provide better clinical care every time I pick up the book. For example, check out page 120 about "Selective Extinction".. By using selective extinction, it is possible to improve a person's life beyond the miracle of resolving the alcoholism disease horrors. Where there previously existed excessive alcohol behavior, the clinician can shove in its place enjoyment of exercise or some other healthy, socially acceptable and enjoyable activities.

I almost wish the Sinclair Method was harder for patients to undergo or that it didn't work in over 70% of alcoholics. Its Achilles heel is that it sounds too good to be true and people pooh pooh it before they even look into it.

I hope to deliver a presentation of the Sinclair Method to my state medical licensure board. I have physician patients who have run into alcohol overuse and have greatly benefited from this method. I think of this book as "The Sinclair Method of Treating Alcoholism Textbook".

I know that "Naltrexone + Alcohol = Cure" sounds simplistic. But the greatest things are often very simple. "E = mc2" also sounds simplistic. Both took great geniuses to discover.

With all sincerity, I thank, on behalf of mankind, David Sinclair's devotion of his entire professional career to discovering an effective treatment for alcoholism. I put Sinclair on the level of Pasteur. I am sad to see that, as the world was resistant to Pasteur's idea of vaccination, some of the addictive disease treatment movement is quick to dismiss this breakthrough as wrong or ill-advised, conveniently ignoring the evidence such as the Journal of the American Medical Association report showing parity in treatment effectiveness with traditional methods, and the Finnish study showing superiority when used correctly (>70% effectiveness!). I am also sad that years ago, corporations in my opinion may have intentionally or unintentionally misdirected physicians in how to use naltrexone effectively, that is WITH alcohol, not in abstinence.

The National Anxiety Foundation gives Dr. Roy Eskapa an A+ for his superlative book that so clearly and concisely explains Dr Sinclair's enormously effective method for treating alcoholism."


The Sinclair Method involves always taking a safe, non-addictive, FDA approved opiate blocking medication called naltrexone before actually drinking any alcohol. It is widely accepted that alcoholism is the result of the combination of a natural genetic predisposition for alcoholism combined with learning the addiction over years of drinking. The addiction occurs as a result of endorphins – the brains own opiate or morphine-like substances – being released in the brain each time alcohol is consumed. Each drinking session releases endorphins which in turn reinforce the behavior. The result is super-strengthened opioid pathways in the brain. These addictive pathways become permanent and cause an increase in craving the longer alcoholics attempt to abstain from alcohol. The longer alcoholics abstain the more they crave alcohol – which explains why 85 per cent of alcoholics relapse within a few weeks of standard abstinence based treatments.

Dr. David Sinclair and his team of neuroscientists working for the Finnish government discovered a way of physically removing the addictive pathways in the brain. The discovery, known as pharmacological extinction, took thirty years to reach patients in need. By using naltrexone to block the effects of endorphins released when alcohol is consumed, the addictive pathways in the brain are gradually removed. Eventually, after several weeks of treatment the pathways are trimmed back so that both craving and actual drinking levels are naturally reduced and control over alcohol is restored. The problem drinker or alcoholic is then able to either choose to continue drinking within safe limits, or to abstain altogether. Dr. Eskapa’s book presents the formula for de-addiction as: Naltrexone + Drinking = Cure - a revolutionary concept supported by extensive clinical trials.

The book presents a five-step method for the reader and offers a chapter for doctors showing how to prescribe naltrexone with specific instructions not to abstain. The Five Steps presented in the book equip the reader with a cast-iron blueprint to break free from compulsive drinking. Dr Eskapa says, “Curing your addiction and regaining control over alcohol is not complicated. It does not require abstinence. But it does require meticulous preparation before, during, and after treatment. The Five Steps do not demand complex psychosocial therapy or an examination of the past to find out why control over alcohol was lost. Unlike standard rehab treatments, there is no insistence on intensive psychotherapy, the trauma of inpatient detoxification programs, withdrawal, or white-knuckling it through arduous abstinence for the rest of one’s life.”

The Five Steps guide the reader through the de-addiction process as follows:

Step One-Understand and think about addiction in an entirely new way.

Step Two-Check the severity of the problem and find out if help is required.

Step Three-Working with a physician to obtain a prescription for naltrexone.

Step Four-Learn about alcoholic beverage measures and keep a record of drinking and craving as the journey through de-addiction begins. Now the patient is taking naltrexone before drinking alcohol. As he or she become de-addicted craving and drinking levels gradually and automatically decline.

Step Five- The cure takes about three months. Now the goal is to stay cured once the program is completed. Remember the Golden Rule: ‘Never drink alcohol without first taking Naltrexone. If you do, you could become readdicted within several weeks.’

What you’ll find in The Cure for Alcoholism:

An insightful introduction by Dr. David Sinclair (National Public Health Institute, Helsinki, Finland)

The story behind how the cure was discovered - from theory to laboratory to a practical cure – and future applications against other drug and eating addictions

Hard evidence behind the program: more than 70 proven clinical trials are summarized

Testimonials from former alcoholics who have been cured

Interviews with doctors and patients from clinics around the world who have adopted this method

A precise description of the five steps toward cure

Prescribing information about the medication naltrexone

The Cure for Alcoholism offers problem drinkers, health professionals treating alcoholics, and those families helplessly afflicted by the addiction of a loved one a revolutionary and medically proven formula for a cure.
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The Cure for Alcoholism: Drink Your Way Sober without Willpower, Abstinence or Discomfort
Author: Roy Eskapa, PhD
Breakthrough medical treatment which is faster, easier and safer than rehab, abstinence, AA or he 12 Steps
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