Dark Energy, Black Holes and Consciousness at Forbes Library, Northampton MA

Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysicist Dr. Rudy Schild Proposes New Scientific Model Uniting Cosmos and Consciousness
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Oct. 7, 2008 - PRLog -- Contact:  Trish Corbett or Michael Mannion 413-238-4433
Email:  Mannionabc@aol.com
Date:  October 15 at 7 pm
Place:  Forbes Library, Northampton MA
Event:  Introducing A New Scientific Model: Uniting Cosmos and Consciousness
Organization:  The Mindshift Institute co-sponsored by the Forbes Library
Website:  www.mindshiftinstitute.org
Admission:  Free

Dr. Rudy Schild has recently made astounding astrophysical observations, published in Astrophysics Journal, that challenge the current ideas about black holes, dark matter, dark energy and the nature of the physical universe. He has devised a new scientific model that he hopes will bridge the gap between cosmos and consciousness, the objective and the subjective. In his model, Dr. Schild describes the connections he has found among astrophysical phenomena; quantum science and consciousness; and subjective anomalous phenomena.

Dr. Schild will share with us the details of his model of the universe. He has connected his recent astronomical observations with important new ideas in consciousness studies and the investigations of anomalies in a way that dramatically alters our view of the nature of the Universe.

What scientists are now calling dark energy has long been known to exist.  It has been given such names as the Akashic field, prana and chi among many others.   Because of Dr. Schild’s work, black holes are now beginning to be understood in a completely different way.  His recent astrophysical observations of black holes—or what he now calls (Magnetic Eternally Collapsing Objects or MECO for short—indicate that the information contained in quantum holograms is stored up at the relativistic surfaces of the MECO objects.  And it appears that this information is theoretically retrievable using quantum nonlocality.

Astronomer Rudy Schild offers a modified understanding of consciousness, memory, and dreaming that seems to explain many “modern miracles” or anomalous phenomena such as Out-of-Body and Near-Death Experiences, precognition, past life experiences, remote viewing and UFO sightings.  In his view, the dark energy that has always been known to exist can now be understood as being at the basis of many anomalous experiences.  In addition, Dr. Schild believes that his new model suggests that our minds can receive, amplify, and transmit this energy and thereby connect what human beings call the “soul” to its “Source” or “Creator.”

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The Mindshift Institute is focused on (1) expanding our worldview through new discoveries in frontier science and (2) waking up from "the trance,' a profound detachment from our inner and outer reality.
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