Florida Stone Face Providing A Old Home Look To New Home Appeal

At Florida Stone Face, we offer a fresh new approach to building design. Modeled directly from nature, our stone is a contemporary and attractive alternative to solid rock and traditional siding.
By: David Allen
Oct. 3, 2008 - PRLog -- Donald Troisi and Florida Stone Face are located in West Central Florida (45 minutes north west of Tamp).
Our customers located nationwide and in Canada. Florida Stone face stone product is  certified, and is appropriate for both interior and exterior stone siding, stone clading, as a "thin veneer" when a masonry shelf is unavailable, and as a thicker cut " building veneer" when a structural masonry shelf (footing) is incorporated into the design.

As Donald Troisi points out, his most popular product, thin stone veneer, weighs 16 lbs (or less) per square foot and does not require a masonry shelf for support. Natural stone has several benefits compared to man-made "cultured" stone. Faux or fake products are made in molds, with artificial coloring that fades over time, and does not have the environmental or aesthetic advantages of natural stone. While our product is slightly more expensive, it looks better (please compare), won't fade over time, uses a much lower carbon footprint to produce, and is made from reclaimed natural material (real stone lasts a lifetime!).

Because the applications for stone veneer are limited only by your imagination, we have an extensive collection of photographs and videos, for isntallation instruction contact Donald Troisi 352 597 6296. These pictures show interior and exterior applications such as fireplace surrounds, fireplace_stone, wallstone siding, stone facade, "stone home", stone facing, veneer, clading, chimneys, flooring, waterfalls and water installations, foyers, art installations, stone_homes, stonewall, stone facades and zen walking gardens. We have product literature, pictures, photos, and videos that show you examples of how other people use this stone, installation techniques, and feature our employees on popular television shows like Victory Garden, This Old House, DIY TV's Rock Solid, and many others.

Natural stone veneer is available in a few different edge dimensions, and grain cuts. Edges are the perimeter of the stone, and the grain of the stone refers to the variations of quartzite in different layers, or slices, of fieldstone. Lets start with the Edge dimensions. Square and rectangular is the cut of choice, these pieces vary between 6.0 inch and 24.0 inch on both height and width. Our other edge dimension is mosaic. Mosaic, also called broken ice, is fieldstone with irregular dimensions, and requires some forward planning about the coverage area, so that the pieces fit together in a harmonious fashion. Lastly, we offer round pieces. These have a flat edge to adhere to a wall surface, and a round race. The two grain options are standard and ledge. Think of a hamburger. There are buns, a burger patty, ketchup and lettuce in the middle. Our standard grain will show the "bun" side of the stone. This is generally the most desirable because it shows the most signs of age and weathering due to moss and lychin. In addition though, we offer a ledge cut, and our ledgestone is stone veneer that has all the layers of the hamburger visible. Ledge cut veneer is more expensive because fieldstone, unlike the hamburgers I eat, is much wider than it is tall. This translates to much more cutting and processing on our saws, as that the surface area of each ledge grain piece is only about 1/6 of the square footage of a standard grain piece. Use stoneyard thin stone veneer or building stone veneer on your next stone_home or other project that demands the quality and durability of natural new england fieldstone veneer clading.

Donald Troisi and his staff have can be conatct ed through the web for a location near you. If you identify a product you want to touch and look at, we will happily send you samples (we charge a very small fee to cover manufacturing, shipping, handling and packaging costs) of everything from cobblestone and pebbles to our New England natural thin stone veneer, veneer stone, stone veneer, stone facade, ledgestone and building stone veneer.

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